Does Your Ego Stand Between You and Meeting and Dating Great Girls

man with ego

Sometimes we call it an ego, and at other times we call it pride. Sometimes it really helps us, and at other times it hurts us in a way that could and should have been easily avoided. Is is possible that your ego stands in your way of having better dating life and relationships with… [Read More]

Good, Realistic Tips for Meeting Girls at a Gym (By Roosh V)

Gyms are notorious for being some of the most difficult places to approach, start conversations and meeting girls. This is mostly because if you ask any girl what she thinks about meeting guys at a gym, she will tell you that she is generally grossed out by the very idea of meeting guys at a… [Read More]

Five Critical Online Dating Tips for Older Men

attractive older man online dating

Online dating presents unique challenges for older men. Here are five simple but effective tips on how any guy who is over 40 or over 50 can significantly improve his dating profile: 1. Make Sure that Your Dating Profile Photos Are Current I couldn’t count how many times I heard women complain that the guys… [Read More]

How to Meet Women at Professional Networking Events

meeting women at networking events

Professional networking events are great and largely untapped resources of meeting attractive women without all the usual obstacles that you would normally face when trying to approach and talk to a girl. The women at these events are literally pre-selected. They are educated, professional and are more often than not well put together. Sure, some… [Read More]

The Main Reason You Don’t Meet More and Better Guys

unapproachable woman texting

Some of the most “single” women who are literally obsessed with meeting guys that I have known and whose behavior I observed also struck as the most unapproachable and unfriendly looking. In an attempt to avoid at all costs coming across as too eager and too desperate, they go to another extreme and act like… [Read More]

Recent Movies Re-Examine What Loving Someone Actually Means


I am not sure if it’s a coincidence or it is a new pattern in cinematography to examine and re-evaluate what love actually means. At least three recent movies made their viewers ask this very question – what does loving someone actually mean? 1. “Her”    This movie suggests that you can fall in love… [Read More]

Headache Again? – How to Revive Her Sex Drive and Desire in a Relationship (Guest Article)

low libido sex drive tips

We are all well familiar with this dating dynamic. When you just start dating, your sex life is incredibly active and passionate. You can’t get enough of each other and this desire translates into frequent sex and other kinds of affection and attention in and outside the bedroom. You may even develop your own rituals, such… [Read More]