Escalation and Avoiding Friends Zone

A reader asks: The fear of friend zone really messes with our minds. I was on a date recently with a girl who is very shy and introverted, although very cute. The desire to avoid the friend zone constantly pushed me to look for ways to escalate whenever possible, because I have been thrown into… [Read More]

How to Stop Being Needy with Girls with The Help of Female Friends (A Reader’s Question)


A reader writes: As of late I have had some struggles with women that revolve around the same thing: being too needy. I have been engaged twice and growing up I didn’t have many relationships for experience or a father in the household to teach me about women and about the dangers of being needy… [Read More]

Being Called a Submissive Woman Is NOT an Insult

submissive woman

Being called a submissive woman has acquired a negative connotation when used in reference to women’s personality and behavior in their interactions with men. However, this term has been receiving bad rap for no good reason, because it has been confused with being ultra-conservative, weak, subservient, etc. However, its actual definition is simple enough – willing to… [Read More]

Why Waiting to Have Sex Can Be Better for Guys Too

couple in love

Women are often told not to “give it up” and not to sleep with guys too soon, if they want to try to develop any kind of meaningful connection and relationship with that guy. Sleeping with guys too soon makes a girl “slutty” and “easy”. However, for a guy – the benefits of waiting and… [Read More]

The Worst (Dating) Advice You Have Ever Received

worst dating advice

There is one kind of advice that we constantly here, whether concerning dating or many other interpersonal matters, that is as common as it is useless or even harmful – “Just be yourself” We love saying this to others. It’s so easy. It doesn’t require any deep thought or analysis of one’s behavior. It doesn’t… [Read More]