Approaching Girls – Why Staring Will Kill Your Chances of Meeting Her

approaching women not staring

Ask any girl what she dreads the most as far as being approached by men goes, and chances are that she will tell you that one of the things that annoys her the most is when a guy, who is obviously interested in talking to her, just keeps staring at her without doing anything. It […]

Five Rarely Mentioned Dating Profile Mistakes Women Make That Should Be Avoided (Video)

How to Overcome Your Girlfriend’s Promiscuous Sexual Past (Video)

This video talks about one of the most challenging questions that guys have been asking me lately – how to deal with and overcome something disturbing that they find out about their girlfriend’s sexual past, that they have a hard time understanding and accepting. This problem does not always have a solution, but below I […]

How to Deal with a Clingy Guy Who Keeps Texting and Pursuing You


A woman from New York City asks: There is this clingy guy who keeps text messaging me and calling me asking me out. Sometimes I don’t even respond and then I feel bad and that I’m being super rude. The times he has asked me out I have told him days ahead of time I […]

Should You Text Him After Your First Date

texting him after first date

A Reader Asks:    “I am 28 years old and I live in a fairly large city. I recently started online dating. I keep hearing conflicting advice about whether it’s a good idea for a girl to send a guy a text message after their first date if she liked him. Some books  and dating […]

Why You Should Feel Better About Approaching Women Today Than Ever Before (Video)

This video on approaching women discusses one of the things that should make you feel better and more confident about approaching and trying to start conversations with women today more than in the past. This is because the fact that people use technology more and more in the context of meeting people and dating gives […]

“Fun” Dates Are Overrated

date couple on couch

Recently, I read in one of the new dating advice brochures for guys about the importance of planning fun dates. One woman in that book is quoted, stating that what made her fall in love with her current husband was the fact that he always planned surprising, fun dates every time they met and went […]

When She Never Offers to Pay on a Date (Video)

While women often complain that so many guys don’t have the basic manners and courtesy of paying on a first date, a guy may encounter the opposite problem – he keeps paying on dates, and the girl doesn’t even offer to pay or chip in. Below is the video on how to handle this kind […]

Why You Should Never Complain About Your Dating Life on a Date

first date tips complaining

Whether you are a guy or a girl, when you go out with someone for the first time, he/she will most likely ask you how your dating life has been so far. If you met that person on one of the online dating sites, your date will likely ask you at some point “So, how […]