The Two Types of Women You Will Meet


There are many ways to categorize women. One very important, yet rarely mentioned way to do that is by women’s attitude and response to dark humor and sarcasm.  One type of women is entertained by it. For them, sarcasm in a man is a sign of wit, perceptiveness, and life experience, unless of course it… [Read More]

How Defining Love Can Help You Put An End to Serial Dating


Defining what love is and how to tell whether you actually love someone has been a challenging task for many generations throughout history. Different writers, poets, thinkers, musicians, movie producers and painter have tried to depict love in one form or another. I, however, believe that the definition of love is very simple – love… [Read More]

Is Contacting Her Ex Ever Ok?


A reader asks: “You are dating a girl and as the relationship progresses (year or so) you begin to notice red flags or basically character traits that just bother you and make you feel like you two are not going to be compatible, BUT you still really like the girl and want things to work…. [Read More]

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Responding to a Girl’s OkCupid Profile

tips for writing girls on okcupid

Here are five very typical and bad mistakes that so many guys make when responding to a girl’s dating profile on OkCupid/Match that must be avoided if you want to have real chances for receiving a response and connecting with any of them: 1. Stop saying “hi” or “hello”. A female friend of mine logs… [Read More]

Does Calling Yourself an “Independent Woman” Flatter You?


We humans are far from perfect and far from being perfectly logical. Our perception, rather than objective facts, determine our responses to what we hear and see. This applies to dating and specifically – to online dating – as much as to anything else. Just ask yourself  – when a guy tells you that he… [Read More]

Why No One Responds to Your Messages on a Dating Site

online dating no responses

Question: A male reader in his early 40’s asks: “I recently made a profile on a dating site, sent over 30 messages to the women I thought looked attractive and interesting, and haven’t heard back from even one of them. Why do you think no one responds to my e-mails?”    PH Answers:  Obviously it’s hard… [Read More]

Casual Sex – The Double Standard Is Undeniable

casual sex harm

For the past few years I have been asking just about any woman who I thought was smart and insightful the same question about college life – I wanted to know whether there are any long-term or permanent consequences that women suffer from, if they have a lot of casual sex during college, but then,… [Read More]

Your Are As Attractive As Your Worst Dating Profile Photo


One of the very easy and simple things you can do in order to make your online dating profile more attractive is to make sure that you do not post those pictures of you that are not flattering to you. This is important for both men and women, and it is especially important for men’s… [Read More]

Never Stop Being a “Real Man”


You are a real man. Never forget that. And don’t let a few bad dating experiences with uptight, ultra-feminist women, who can’t take a joke and who believe that women’s penis is as big as men’s is change your behavior and make you less interesting when meeting women in the future. No matter where you… [Read More]

Meeting Women in San Francisco 101

San Francisco business woman serial dater

The modern dating culture in San Francisco is as unique as its geography, climate and politics. Here are five things you might want to keep in mind if you are new in town and you want to hit the ground running, so to speak: 1. Your date is likely to be cancelled. Don’t be surprised… [Read More]

8 Reasons to Marry a Complicated Girl – Right or Dead Wrong?


It is safe to say that the article on 8 reasons why you should marry a complicated girl has gone viral, since it has gotten nearly half a million Facebook likes in just one week. I appreciate the idea that a “complicated” woman is a more interesting and intriguing woman on many levels. However, the… [Read More]

How to Handle a Guy’s Erection Issues

couple kissing erection

How do you handle a situation when the guy you have been dating and started liking very much, cannot get an erection when he is trying to have sex with you for the first time? Chances are that the reason he has erection issues either because he is very inexperienced sexually or even a virgin…. [Read More]

Why Men Lose Attraction After Sleeping with You


One of the more frustrating and puzzling experiences that many women have throughout their dating life over and over is having a guy lose attraction for them after sleeping with them once or a couple of times. Even when confronted by women, few guys have the courage or the ability to explain this behavior. Even… [Read More]