A Message to US Women from a Young Female from Singapore

(Last Updated On: 03/26/2015)

singapore flag womanThe following comment was posted on one of the online articles about gender relations in the US:

“US women will hate me, but I’ll say it. It’s not feminism that is the problem – it’s coz women in the US took it too far. I’m from Singapore. Contrary to what they’ll have you believe, asian women aren’t all sluts nor any easy lay. I have a Singaporean partner with whom I have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship with despite having a degree and, also, drawing a decent income. And the reason is this. He enjoys my company and I love him for that. He still wants to be a man – a provider and protector – and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. He’s proud that I respect him and appreciate his efforts and I love him all the more for that. He shows his appreciation that I still groom for him and I respect him all the more. I also enjoy decent conversations with caucasian expat men because we agree to disagree like adults. Chivalry and respect for women are still alive. If more women in the US can understand this, they wouldn’t need to worry about foreign women. I don’t worry about my partner leaving me for a foreign broad because, since our relationship is, on the whole, great, I don’t need to worry about him looking elsewhere.”

I believe this is a very important message for the women in the US that should encourage those who accuse guys of having an Asian fetish or those who judge men for going to South Asia or Latin Countries in search of easy sex to re-evaluate their approach to the whole issue. Instead of blaming men for what they do, it would be much more useful to ask why they are doing this – why are so many men willing to go so far to meet women and what is it that they can’t find back home in the US?

Calling Asian women subservient and submissive is as untrue as it is pointless. Plenty for them are educated and can stand up for themselves as good as anyone else. On the other hand – learning a thing or two from non-white women about the gender dynamics in a relationship that work can be very helpful to many Western women in re-evaluating their behavior with the men they meet and date. So many Western women have been inspired by the media and the movies to be powerful and domineering, but what is the price that women pay for being that way – being perpetually single and lonely? Having unfulfilling / short lived sex based relationships? And not really experiencing what love and what being loved means?

The girl who wrote the comment above is a bit naive thinking that just because everything is great in her relationship, this means that her partner cannot possibly cheat on her, although I certainly wish her the best (men obviously cheat on the women they love and find attractive), but that’s besides the point. The girl who wrote the comment above doesn’t think that traditional female tasks are beneath her and her guy appreciates that. That’s a true sign of confidence on her part. She doesn’t need to prove to anyone that she is a man because she knows that she isn’t. She respects our fundamental biological differences, and that’s one valuable lesson so many Western women should learn and keep in mind. And her advice about appreciating feminism but not taking it too far is critical to fixing many of gender issues we deal with today in relationships and at work.

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