Practical Tips for Approaching Women On The Street

(Last Updated On: 11/30/2016)

approaching women on the street There is no way around it – most guys know that the most beautiful women they see and encounter on a daily basis are the ones they see on the street, when they just walk around about their day to day business. This is especially true in big cities with significant foot traffic and lots of attractive, well put together women.

There is a lot of dating advice out there on how to approach and meet women on the street. I must admit that I am not a big fan of meeting women on the street, and that’s for a couple of reasons. First of all, approaching women on the street is hard, and whoever tells you otherwise is simply lying to you to themselves or both. Secondly, if you have ever seen a guy approach a woman on the street, you would be able to easily tell that in many situations it just doesn’t l0ok right. If it’s not welcome, it looks like some kind of harassment and even “creepy.” Women are in a rush and they want to just get somewhere when they are walking. The last thing they want is some guy to stop them on the street and start “bothering” them. This applies to many, although of course not all, women. Secondly, if you learn how to be more successful at approaching and meeting women in all the other places – cafes, restaurants, bookstores, libraries, classes, during your work, etc., you won’t have a great need to stop and meet women on the street.

Despite the above, meeting women on the street is certainly possible and still, despite all the texting and online dating apps and other distractions, can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Therefore, you should definitely take advantage of those situations where you walk by a woman and you clearly lock eyes with her, she smiles at you and is looking at you for a longer period of time than you would normally expect. Whether this happens to you often or not, you should be ready to take action and talk to her right away and without any delay. This is the only way to make anything happen in that type of situation.  As soon as you lock your eyes with her, you must say something right away. It could be something as easy as “hey, how is it going?” just to get the conversation started. Or, as soon as a woman turns away and continues walking, you turn around and say – excuse me? She would turn around and say: “Yes?” and you would say – I am sorry, I know it’s a little weird and we are obviously strangers, but I saw you and I thought…. would it be possible to see you sometimes?” Generally, it’s much easier to stop a woman and talk to her while she is window shopping or reading or browsing through stuff at the store, i.e. – where she is not actually walking and is trying to get somewhere.

Many women would be reluctant as a matter of fact to meet a guy on the street, thinking “who the hell he thinks he is trying to pick me up like that on the street,” but there will be other women, who are very open-minded and actually themselves fantasize about meeting a great guy in such a casual, coincidental way.

So, if a woman is single and available, and she belongs to the second category, she would probably say: “Hi, what’s your name?” You would have a quick conversation asking her where she is going, etc.., and then you ask her for her phone number or e-mail before you say “Have a good day and talk to you soon.”

If the woman belongs to the first category of women who are not really open to meeting guys on the street, then she will either continue walking, or she would tell you that she has a boyfriend or she is otherwise unavailable. You must be ready for this and not take it personally and always remember – you have absolutely nothing to lose when you approach a woman anywhere. If nothing else, every encounter with a woman, no matter how unsuccessful it is – is an interesting experience that will surely teach you something.

And remember, like with anything else, practice makes things much better and easier. The more often you overcome your fear of approaching women on the street, the more often you notice opportunities to approach women on the street and take advantage of them, the better at it you will become.

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