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(Last Updated On: 11/06/2016)

great dating profileA friend forwarded a copy of a great dating profile from to me, written by a woman in her mid 30’s, as she wanted to get my opinion on whether I liked it:

I’m open to trying new things! Email me and I’ll respond

I like to read, and write. I’m looking for someone who can share their thoughts with me, and who won’t be afraid to tell me if something is wrong. I’d like to find someone who will mean a lot to me. I admire someone who can discuss their opinions with me, but isn’t afraid to disagree. I look forward to meeting you!”  

That’s it. At first, this profile struck me as way too short and generic. But, as I read it more carefully, I realized that it is actually both simple and quite compelling. Let’s take it apart and understand why:

The title   – “email me and I will respond”  Many guys are frustrated with the fact that women simply don’t write back. This simple statement says all the right things – it gives a male reader hope that this woman is more responsive than others and she is actually likely to write back.

I like to read and write.  This is a great opening. Even though it’s again very simple, surprisingly few people mention that they like to read and write in their profile, but this is such a flattering thing to say about yourself without coming across as conceited or blowing your own horn. And this is so much better than saying that you are “intelligent”, “educated” etc. When a woman (or a man) says that she likes to read and write, it significantly increases the chances of her actually being intelligent and interesting without coming out and openly saying it, risking appearing conceited.

.. share thoughts with me. Isn’t that’s something that we all want and refer to as connection / chemistry? Yet, she puts it again –  in such simple but specific words. Unlike others, who talk about all the cliche things that they want to do with their partners, such as hiking, biking, traveling, etc… she dives deeper and brings up in a very nonchalant manner that which truly matters.

... won’t be afraid to tell me if something is wrong…… discuss opinion … not afraid to disagree – this suggests that the author has a great quality of being able to be real and handling disagreements the right way without getting defensive and just running away. She is not looking for a puppet but for a man who has something in his head and he has the balls to share it with her.

Perhaps I am reading way too much into this profile. However, I couldn’t help but make the above conclusions about who the author might possibly be. The only suggestion I have to make this profile eve better is to lose the “I am open to trying new things” in the title, as it’s way too cliche. She should either replace it with something else, or even consider removing it and reducing her title to just “E-mail me and I will respond”.  It would be so originally direct and to the point and will perfectly match the rest of her profile.

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