How To Indirectly But Powerfully Communicate That You Are A Keeper

(Last Updated On: 04/28/2018)

a date with a keeperWhether you are a guy or a woman, there are a few simple things you can do as early as talking to someone or on the phone, chatting online or meeting in person to communicate that you are a high quality and high value person that’s not easy to come by:

Quality Writing Means Quality Author 

This is especially important in the world of online dating but it’s also important if you met someone in real life and start exchanging e-mails. Writing coherently and without spelling errors that would suggest that you didn’t do so well in your high school writing class will make a good impression on the reader, because so many people don’t bother putting any effort into your e-mails and text messages. This doesn’t mean that you need to be formal, but showing a bit of effort and attention can go along away toward communicating that you take yourself, the other person and what you have or might have between the two of you seriously or with at least some hope for potential connection and romance.  So many men and women who went to good schools and have high paying jobs don’t put two decent sentences together when writing to someone they are interested in. It’s not because they can’t, but because they just don’t bother. This is your opportunity to stand out as someone different and as someone who knows better.

Punctuality Means You Might Just Be A Keeper

Most people are habitually 5-10 minutes late for their date. What if you committed to showing u on time or a few minutes early for your future dates? This would immediately tell the other person that you have your sh-t together, you are responsible, and you probably expect the same from the other person. This is especially true with regard to women. When you show up on time, most guys will appreciate it because they all have the same experience with women being late.

Undivided Attention On A Date Radiates Listener’s High Quality 

Have you ever been on a date with someone who didn’t even look at their phone once while they were with you? In fact, after your date you couldn’t even tell what their phone looks like. If so, you must have appreciated that type of courtesy and behavior. This also suggested to you that the person your were out with doesn’t let their phone interfere with their personal time. If you appreciate this in others, adopt the same behavior, and this will send a strong message to the people you meet that you are a person of a higher caliber. And what if you topped it off with being an active listener, i.e. someone who follows up with additional questions that he genuinely wants to ask after hearing something?

Put Just A Little More Effort Into Your Appearance And Make The Casual Less “Casual” 

How you should dress and carry yourself of course depends on your age, status, local culture, personal preferences, etc., but putting just a bit more effort into your appearance without going overboard is a powerful way to communicate a compelling aspect of your personality and identity. A fountain pen, a nice watch, a pair of cuff links on a guy or a stylish scarf and boots on a woman are typical accessories that can add a lot and accentuate elegance and sex appeal subtly but powerfully. A casual date suggests a relaxed environment; not dressing like you don’t care at all to make the right impression. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive brand named clothes (in fact, this will make you look like you are trying too hard and are being tacky), but you cannot go wrong with a simple, all-time classic, clean look as a guy, and a slightly more revealing business dress as a woman. And, being a little dressier than average doesn’t mean that you have to act stuck up or arrogant. Being elegant and friendly at the same time is a flattering combination of qualities that will surely get noticed and appreciated.

What are some other things you believe men and women can do to show their high value? What have you found in others to be a sign of high value or low value?

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