High Status Men Talk More and Text Less

(Last Updated On: 12/03/2015)

high status menThere is a lot written out there on the importance of being “alfa” or being a high status men.  Yet even the guys, who seem to know what it takes to be a leader and to be that dominant man who is attractive to women, lower their own status by taking the level of their interaction with a woman significantly lower than where it should be – by texting the women they are interested in instead of calling and having a real conversation.  My observation and interviews show that high status men talk to women more often than hours and text less than others. This is because high status men usually focus on quality and not quantity, when it comes to many things in their life, including the quality of their interactions in generally and with women specifically. These type of men know the difference between an emotional impact that a live conversation with laughter, joking and sarcasm can make v a few lol’s and smiley faces.

Beyond the above, there are at least three common mistakes that guys make when they choose to text instead of calling and having a real conversation with a woman they started dating or would like to date that make these guys come across as less confident and less attractive, taking a lot of the romance out of the interaction that is supposed to be at least somewhat romantic.

The video below talks about these mistakes, which are very easy to avoid.

And remember, just because many others use texting as exclusive means of communicating with their dating partner, doesn’t mean that you have to follow that trend. In fact, the same trend makes it so much easier for you to stand out as a more confident and attractive guy who uses his voice rather then cellphone buttons to communicate with the opposite sex.

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