How to Ask a Guy Out Without Asking Him Out

(Last Updated On: 10/19/2015)

girl-asking-guy-outWomen often find themselves in a situation where they really want to ask out a guy who they regularly see (at work, school, at a local store, etc). However, for the obvious reasons – fear of being rejected or coming across as too forward / desperate – they never do ask the guy out. The guy might remain clueless about your interest, even though you might think that you gave him all the signs of being interested. So, what is the solution for these types of situation:

One simple and effective solution to this is asking the guy out by actually not asking him out, but instead – making it very easy for him to ask you out:

– During your conversation with the guy, mention that you heard about this new great movie, or a  show or a museum exhibition taking place next week, and you would like to go, but none of your friends who you asked to join you are available to come with you. If the guy is interested, he should be able to use this to ask you out. Just make sure that you don’t say something as extreme as “no one wants to go with me” as if you were a bad company, and people were actually avoiding doing things with you.

This is the safest, easiest way to let the guy know that you are looking for someone to join you for a fun activity, without you facing any risk of rejection. After all, you are not telling him that you like him, you are attracted to him and you want to date him.

If you feel a little more confident, you can tell the guy that you have an extra ticket for that show/movie. He of course doesn’t need to know whether you have that ticket, and you can always get it later, if he accepts your invitation.

Despite what the media tells women about the value of acting unavailable, most guys would be flattered by this type of attention and invitation regardless of whether they are interested in you or not. It’s just doesn’t happen to any of us, guys, all that often (except those among us, who are celebrities).


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