How to be More Romantic with Women

(Last Updated On: 12/28/2014)

Almost everyromantic guy single woman, who hasn’t been completely frustrated in her experiences with men and who is not excessively jaded, craves a romantic experience and dreams about meeting that guy who will bring romance into her life. However, there is a lot of confusion about what “being romantic with women” means, and this issue certainly deserves clarification.

The notion of romance has significantly evolved during the past few generations. There is at least one major, important difference between what it meant to be romantic 10 or 20 years ago and between what being a romantic guy means today. Today, any reasonably intelligent woman with some dating experience will perceive many of the typically considered romantic things as cheesy and cliche. Long walks on the beach and looking at the stars in the evening used to be considered some of the most romantic activities. Today, however, after watching dozens of romantic movies and soap operas, many women would consider such activities to be cheesy, cliche and lacking in creativity. “Long walks on the beach” is used more as a joke nowadays than as a romantic fantasy that it used to be. This means that to come across as a fun and romantic guy today, you must do things that are different and unique from what a woman used to experiencing and hearing from others. Here are few tips on how you can come across as a more romantic guy:

1. The Company is More Important than the Activity

If she likes you already, it won’t really matter how you spend your time together. A simple cup of coffee with you at a grungy coffee shop is going to be much more romantic than fine dining with a guy who she finds boring. So, focus on being a more interesting company, and many aspects of being romantic will take care of themselves.

2. Don’t Try to Be Romantic Too Early

There is no reason to wear a suit, or bring flowers and candy on a first date. Romantic gestures are only special and significant if they come from a guy who means something to a woman. Therefore, you should hold off on doing special things until such time that you become at least somewhat special to each other. Fine dining on a first date is likely to do nothing but make the two people who don’t know each other very well to feel awkward in a stuffy environment. On the other hand, a special dinner celebrating an anniversary or another even special to both dating partners will be a very romantic experience.

3. Be a More Romantic Guy By Being Unpredictable

Being unique and different can be simple and very inexpensive. Here are just a few ideas:

a. Burn a CD of some rare kind of tribal/loungy music, and make a simple voice dedication to her at the beginning of that CD, saying something like: “I don’t know much about your taste in music, but something tells me that you will like it.” You can be sure that she probably never received a gift like that, and she will be thrilled with this kind of surprise, uniquely tailored to her.

b. Don’t wait for the “right” and “appropriate” time to kiss the girl. If you feel that she likes you and she is attracted to you, catch her by surprise, lean over and grab her gently and kiss her.

c. It’s easier to be romantic in a quiet, secluded environment than in a crowded place. You are not likely to come across as romantic hanging out downtown on your first date or going to a farmers market. Going to a park or a small cafe where the two of you will be among the very few other people will make your interaction much more compelling.

d. Be random and unpredictable in your actions and conversation. A conversation with a woman is not an English class composition. You don’t need to use smooth transitions or introductions. Talk about science, politics, math, Britney Spears, the latest movie you saw, fashion, your favorite animals, basketball… ask her random questions and notice random things around you. Don’t feel that you have to follow a certain order in the way you go about “getting to know her.” There is no rule that says that you should ask a girl how many siblings she has and where her family is from, before you find out what her favorite ice cream flavor is.

e. Buy a cup of coffee and a snack and walk/drive to some nice square or park. If she wants to see on the bench, and it’s a warm day, tell her “no way” and bring her to sit down on the grass, as this will be far more intimate and unconventional.

f. And again, above all – be interesting. Nothing boring should come out of your mouth. If the girl is smart, open-minded and easy going, she will enjoy banter and sarcasm, which means that you have no excuse to not be funny, witty and interesting. So, if she asks you how long you have been single, don’t simply answer that question. Tell her with a very serious face and tone of voice that you are married but you are looking for a girlfriend, and she will surely laugh at this kind of smart-ass come back.

4. Learn to Maintain Eye Contact 

There can be no romance between the two, if they don’t look into each other’s eyes. This doesn’t mean that you have to stare in the woman’s eyes at all times, but you should make sure certainly maintain eye contact when you talk to her, as your eyes might tell her a better story about who you are and how you feel about her than your words. And, if the girl is very shy and she avoids eye contact, tease her about it and ask her: “You are not looking me in the eyes… am I that ugly?”

Keep the above simple tips in mind, try to incorporate them into your interactions with women, and you will likely be more romantic with girls depending upon the situation and the activity you are engaged in.

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