How Valuable Is Others’ Opinion of Your Dating and Love Life?

friends' advice about datingWe can’t help but be influenced in how we handle our dating and relationships issues to at least some extent by our friends, parents and anyone else who gives us advice about what we are dealing with in our love life.  These people influence your choices when it comes to your romantic life when you are single by suggesting to you who you are and who you might be compatible with. They might try to set you up on dates, introduce you to their friends and otherwise help you meet more people. They might also voice your opinion about your current dating situation, encouraging you to either break up, make up, or act in a specific way with the person you are dating or even your spouse, as they see would be beneficial to you.

The question is how much weight – how much importance should you place on the opinions of other people about any aspect of your dating and love life?

First, it is important to listen to the impression of others of dating situation or your relationship. While your judgment about your own situation might be clouded by attraction and passion toward your dating or relationship partner or by your desire to remain committed to your partner no matter what, the outsiders might have a different and more objective prospective on your situation. You might be reluctant to recognize or face certain problems in your relationship or you might even be in denial about certain serious problems between you and your dating partner, but other people who know you and who care about your well being will alert you to those problems and will likely help you see them for what they are. Even if you don’t agree with their views and suggestions about what you should do in your situation, it will still be useful for you to have that extra view and opinion.

At the same time, I am convinced that you should take the advice from the closest people to you on the choices of people you are seeing very carefully, as no one really knows you that well. No person except you is in a position to really know what makes you truly happy and excited in another person and what are the things that annoy and push you away. Even you often don’t know what you want to be with someone so badly, and why that other person who seems to be perfect does nothing for you. Your parents and your closest friends might think that they know you very well because they spend so much time with you, but they might not know you that well at all. They think they do. They have an image of who they think you are or who they want you to be, but that doesn’t mean that they can choose a lover for you.

This means that you should combine listening to the input of others about your dating issues and consider all the advice you get,  but at the same time remember that only you know how you feel about a certain person and who you want to be with.

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