Don’t Let Manosphere Hurt Your Dating Life

(Last Updated On: 05/28/2014)

manosphereIn the unlikely event you haven’t yet heard, there is a whole world of blogs and dating advice out there condemning feminism and the underlying culture, called the manosphere.  The authors of that manosphere message write extensive and often very entertaining articles about dating, women and the dynamics between the sexes that revolve around gender roles, feminism v femininity, and the downsides of the modern trend of masculinization of women in the western world. They encourage men to be alfa, and advocate through their writing going back, at least in some ways, to the traditional dynamics between men and women, where men would be more aggressive and rugged, and where women would softer, more nurturing, and otherwise more feminine.The manosphere writers consistently make fun of the betas and the “white knights”.

Some of the articles may appear as extreme and hateful toward women, while others make brilliant, penetrating and very valid observations without clouding their message with any kind of political correctness about who we have become, and where we are headed as males and females in our dating and relationship interactions with each other. If nothing else, many of these blogs share one common quality –  they are very well written, and it’s clear that the bloggers are gifted writers who know how to capture a reader’s attention, maintain it, and make their blogs literally addicting.

One serious possible downside that reading these blogs can have on a single guy’s mind who is looking to improve his dating life is that these blogs may have the opposite effect on their reader. Instead of helping men become better at their interactions with women, the manosphere blogs paint Western/American women as unworthy of liking and dating for all kinds of reasons. They make it sound like all the American women are awful, promiscuous feminists who are unworthy of any kind of serious attention. Like any other sweeping generalization, this one is false as well. Reading that kind of advice will put any guy, who tries to find answers to his dating and attraction questions, in a worse position than he was before, because it will antagonize him against women.  Like many other manosphere readers, he will start getting addicted to finding comfort in believing that most or all women around him are evil, uptight, high-maintenance and bi-polar, who are not to be trusted. While some surely are, there are plenty of great women out there too who are both educated, ambitious and professional, while at the same time are passionate and feminine on every level. It takes work finding them as they are definitely not the majority, but it’s not like most guys are worth talking to from a woman’s perspective.

Finding solace in believing that all women around you are bitches is going to do nothing good to your dating “bottom line” – it’s not going make you more attractive, and it’s not going to help you meet, attract, date and have sex with more and better women. So, when you read these highly charged articles in the manosphere, take their message and their inevitable generalizations about women, feminism, the women in the west v the foreign countries, being alpha/beta, picking up women, sex, etc., with a grain of salt. Use your own judgment when reading these articles, as many of the writers’ experiences will not apply to you for all kinds of reasons  – from the fact that you live in a different area or culture or society, to the differences between your own personal style, appearance, preferences in women, and what the writers’ idea of a perfect woman is.

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