Meeting Guys At a Gym While You Are All Sweaty

(Last Updated On: 08/16/2016)

meeting guys at a gym while being sweatyA female in her mid 30’s asks: “Is it a good idea to come up to a guy at a gym if I am all sweaty? And if so, what’s the best way to do it.” 

PH Answers:

This is a very good question that’s also related to one of women’s biggest misconceptions about men in my opinion. Contrary to what many or most women believe, being sweaty and wearing work-out outfit makes them look very attractive and sexy or even more attractive than otherwise, i.e. when they are all decked out. If you are attractive, then wearing than wearing tight work out clothes will make you look even more sexually desirable than otherwise. And sweating won’t hurt the way you look unless you have a bad body odor. In fact a woman’s body covered with sweat and messy hair can have a lot of natural sex appeal. If you noticed that guys stare at you at a gym, I assure that that the reason they stare is not because they don’t like what they see.  It’s a common male fantasy to do all kinds of things to a woman at a gym, so I assure you that men are not grossed out by women who work out and break a sweat. On the other hand,  if you are really overweight and/or otherwise not attractive, then… I guess it’s no different than it would be in any other situation – you are not attractive one way or the other.

Meeting Guys At A Gym

The same old, simple smile-and-eye-contact strategy should work even better at a gym than anywhere else. Why? Because the rest of the women at gymrs usually look even more unfriendly and unapproachable than anywhere else, because of the really bad stigma associated with meeting guys at a gym.  This will make your smile and eye contact stand out and be noticed all the more. Some guys will be surprised or even startled by your rare friendliness, because they are just not used to it and are not quite ready to deal with it the right way, but eventually – if you give that guy a few moments, he will appreciate it and will very likely make a move. It will surely help if you don’t look like a stripper or a porn start when at a gym – i.e. you don’t have too much make up and your clothes are not too provocative.


This girls’s heavy make up and eye lashes are too much for a gym and say all the wrong things about her. And yet, her being sweaty definitely doesn’t hurt her sex appeal.

Gyms get a bad rap for no reason. Not all gyms are the same, and not every guy at the same gym you go to is a roided up jock or a tatted up meat head, or a creep who just goes there to stare at girls. Just like you go to your gym to work out and for some social exposure, and presumably you think of yourself as normal, so there are quite a few normal men who go to the same place. I believe that gyms are one type of venues where so many opportunities for flirting and meeting people are not taken advantage of because of this undeserved stereotype. The good news is that they don’t have to be and many of those opportunities can be taken advantage of with minimal effort on your part.

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