Are You Guilty Of This Mistake When Responding to Messages Online?

(Last Updated On: 12/04/2016)

online dating chat mistakeOne common mistake I see both men and women do when meeting people online is the way they respond to the first message they receive. They just answer the questions asked and that’s it – they expect the other person to write back to them without “helping” them at all in carrying on the conversation.

Here is a simple but typical example:

A guy writes to a woman: “I really like what you said in your profile. I can very much relate to your interest in classic literature and old movies, and if you pride yourself on being loyal, all the more power to you, because God knows this quality is not that common this day and age. So, what is your all time favorite old movie? What are you reading now? And how are you spending this Wednesday?

The woman responds: “Hi. Casablanca. Not reading anything at the moment. Just working in the office“.  – And that’s it.

The guy reads the above response and becomes really discouraged from writing back to her. It almost feels like she brushed him off by giving a very short reply and asking him nothing about himself. He is sure that she didn’t even bother to check out his profile.

If you decide to write back to whoever took the time to write to you a nice message, and you actually want to meet that person, make sure that your response conveys equal amount attention to their profile and reciprocate the interest by asking questions as well if you are in fact interested. One common reason people brief responses that sound very cold is because they are in a hurry at the time of looking at the message and deciding to write back. However, you are much better off sending a good message a few hours or even a day later than sending a half-ass reply right away.

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