Three Reasons For Dating Single Mothers / Divorced Women

(Last Updated On: 10/02/2015)

dating single mothers / divorced womenDating single mothers and divorced women has a serious stigma in many guys’ mind, which often has no rational basis. So many guys out there have a rule  – they won’t date divorced women, and they surely won’t date a woman who has children. This is because they automatically assume that these women would be looking for a daddy for her children, or they won’t have any time to date, not realizing that many of those children have a father in their life, who they see regularly even if the parents are no longer together, and they have no need in having another “daddy.” Many of these divorced women and single mothers are also much better at time management and can make themselves more available to go out and date guys than the other girls.

There are at least three other compelling reasons you might enjoy dating single mothers and divorced women, and find dating them even a better experience that dating other women, who have never been married and who don’t have children:

1. Dating Single Mothers and Divorced Women Might be Better Because Divorced Women / Single Mothers They Have “Been There Done That”

Imagine not worrying that the girl you are dating has some kind of urgency to find Mr. Perfect as soon as possible, as she already knows from her own experience that there is no such thing. Her expectations are realistic and her priorities, when it comes to men, have matured to a point where her approach is more flexible. She is looking for emotional and intellectual connection, chemistry and love more than ever before, because her judgment is not affected as much as before by pragmatic considerations of settling as soon as possible, and doing everything “by the book”. Her list of deal-breakers when it comes to men and dating is probably much shorter as well.

2. Dating Single Mothers / Divorced Women Is More Fun Because They Usually Have Higher Sex Drive 

By nature, difficult experiences help us get rid of our hang-ups and make us less uptight. They put things in perspective and make it more clear for us what truly makes us happy v what we think would makes us happy. The more of her complexes a woman gets rid of, the more likely she is to be able to let go and enjoy dating and intimacy with the man she likes without reservations. She will not only be dancing like no one is watching, but she will also be moaning and screaming during sex like no one can hear.

3. Single Mothers / Divorced Women Are More Interesting Than Younger, Less Experienced Women

Again, difficult experiences, such as raising a child or going through divorce make women let go and not take themselves as seriously. They become less uptight and better mentally equipped to handle humor, cynicism, and dark banter. For many guys this is one of the most important qualities in a woman, especially for those men who have had the bad fortune of dating one uptight, high-maintenance girl after the another.

You might soon discover that the more mature women who have children and who were married before can be great dating partners for the above reasons and more. Sure, some of them carry lots of baggage, and have all kinds of psychological issues as a result of getting divorced, child custody battles, etc…  However, unless you are looking for Ms. Perfect yourself today, dating single mothers and divorced women can be a lot of fun, since these women bring a lot of life experience to the table, beyond all the other good things noted above.

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