Top Five Reasons Girls Disappear After Acting Interested in You

(Last Updated On: 10/08/2014)

fickle women datingOne of the more frustrating things guys experience with women, especially the younger among the females, is that inconsistent behavior where the girl at first appears to be very interested but then acts like she is not interested or completely ignores the guy. There are several common reasons for this kind of behavior. Each of them or a combination of those factors may be at play in any given situation:

1. A girl is an “attention whore”.

She loves to flirt and loves seeing that a guy is interested in her. She flirty pretty much with every guy just for the sake of flirting, and getting guys interested in her, even when she has not interest in them. Once it becomes clear to her that the guy is interested, her job is done and she can move on and not pay attention to him any longer.

2. You Are Not Aggressive Enough

Being a gentleman and not being too pushy is great, but taking it too slowly, and not making a move when it’s time to touch, kiss and so on, is likely to make her lost interest in you or throw you into a friends zone.

3. You Are Too Aggressive  

On the other hand, being too pushy and acting like a horny puppy is likely to be a turn-off to a girl as well, as for obvious reasons she will automatically assume that the only thing you want is to get her in bed as soon as humanly possible. She will be especially put off by you being too aggressive if she recently met a few guys who disappeared on her after sleeping with her, and she is trying to be more careful with guys now.

4. Boring Her With Long Phone Conversations and Text Messages

Talk to a girl for hours about nothing, or keep texting her meaningless text messages over and over and she will turn from wanting to talk to you and see you to being tired of you and trying to avoid you. Do you have any friends whose texting/calling habits annoy you? Do you know someone who you have to exchange 20 text messages to just set up the time and place to meet and who loves sending weak text messages? Make sure you are not that person, if you want to keep women’s interest.

5. Female Nature

Many, if not most, young women are naturally fickle. They like one guy today, the other guy tomorrow, and a third guy next week. The keep over-analyzing and assuming things about different guys they know and they make premature judgment calls so often. This is not a good thing or a bad thing; it’s just part of being a (young) woman. You will come across at least a few women in your life who will act inconsistently with you, even if they like you, and even if you do everything right. It’s important to be aware of this and be ready for this kind of behavior.


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