Why I Like This Pick-up Line So Much

(Last Updated On: 05/29/2013)
great pick-up line to start a conversation with a girlThere is one pick-up line that proves over and over to be very effective among many guy, and yet it so simple, that I can’t help but nominate it to be one of my favorite ways to start a conversation with a woman. And the lines is this: “How is it going?”
So, why do I like it so much?
First, when you say this to a girl, you create no pressure in that situation, and you don’t “corner” her into trying to figure out whether she wants to talk to you, like a compliment would. Telling a woman that she is “pretty” or “beautiful” or that “I like your dress” is going to immediately put her in an uncomfortable position of trying to decide at that very moment whether she likes you enough or not, and whether she should be talking to you. “How is it going?” does do any of that. It’s the most casual thing you can say and it is not likely to create any kind of discomfort. The key to using this line is timing and the manner in which you say it. You must say it as soon as you see the girl that you would like to talk to without much delay, since waiting, as we all know, makes talking to a girl harder and more awkward.  At the same time, there has to be a purpose to your words. You can’t simply say it as if it was just a an exchange of pleasantries. You must make it sound like it’s a real question, to which you expect to hear an answer from her.
Secondly, this line is completely universal. You can use it any time, anywhere! It doesn’t matter whether you are on the street or at a library, or at a coffee shop or anywhere else. If there is a girl near you and you happened to catch her eyes, immediately ask “how is it going?” and see how she responds.
Lastly, this kind of conversation starter actually gives both of you a certain time buffer to figure out whether you are interested in talking to each other. After all, it’s not really a pick-up line, but rather a probing question that to should mean to you something along the lines of “Let’s see how our conversation goes first and then decide whether it’s worth asking her for her phone number or asking her out.”
Try using this conversation starter, and tell us how it works for you.

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