Brief Female OkCupid Profile Review With Specific Tips

Here is a brief female OkCupid profile review and specific suggestions on what this woman needs to remove from her profile to make it more attractive to those male readers who are interested in finding a stable, long term relationship.

okcupid profile review
The first question I want to ask after reading this profile is what this woman is looking for. If she is looking to meet a guy for a serious relationship with a potential of a life partnership, she is better off removing the part that talks about her traveling adventures and the part about Burning Man.

Although visiting so many places is very impressive and must have been a lot of fun, it will also make at least some of the guys, especially the more conservative among men, who are also looking for a serious relationship, wonder how stable this woman is today, and whether she really knows what she wants.   There is no way around it – as unfair as it might sound, the guys who see “Burning Man” and “traveling for a year” in a profile will have an image of a woman created in their mind that’s not necessarily correctly reflects who that woman is. Thus, you are better off keeping this information out of your profile, unless this is what truly defines you as a person or unless it’s really important for you in a guy that he will also come with to a Burning Man and will support you in alike adventures.

I can hear some of you who read this, exclaim: “I am not going to pretend that  I am something that I am not, and I should not be changing my profile to say something that’s not genuine…” I am not asking you not to be yourself or to fake anything. I am only asking you to consider adjusting how you present yourself to the people who don’t know you anything about you and never met you, taking into consideration the many biases that we all have about the people and their lifestyle. There is more than one way to present yourself. I am suggesting that you consider doing it in a way that’s (1) flattering to you and (2) doesn’t turn off and away those male readers who you would be interested in meeting, because they assume all kinds of things about you that they shouldn’t have, just because of what they read in your profile. Besides, You will have plenty of time to share more about your life, your interests and your adventure later with the right person. There is no urgency to reveal this type of information so early on.

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