“Powerful First Date” Audio Program

“Powerful First Date” Audio Program is dedicated to providing the most effective and practical first date tips and advice for men and showing to you how you can avoid the most common mistakes that sabotage many guys’ first dates, ruin that critically important first date attraction, and their whole dating experience with women.

Unlike all the mainstream, generic, and useless dating advice sources available on the market that give you all the tips that don’t really help you have a better dating experience with women, such as what to wear on a date, how to smell and how to smile, the ideas and the strategies you will learn in this program will truly make a difference to your ability to evoke interest and attract women shortly after you start interacting with them when you are out on a first date.

“Powerful First Date” takes all the guesswork out of your first dates with women. It will open your eyes to many rarely mentioned facts about attracting a woman on a first date and will show you what every woman wants to see in a man the first time she meets him.

This program will shed light on many truth about women and dating. It will show to you that it’s not what restaurant you are going to and what cologne you are wearing that makes a difference when it comes to attracting women. And it’s not even whether you open the door for her that will determine her attraction and interest for you. It takes other, deeper and more meaningful qualities and behavior to attract a woman and evoke her romantic interest in you on a first date.

Surely, all the little things also matter to some extent, but they are only the “icing on the cake” and they matter very little if you don’t have or don’t demonstrate the other, more fundamental qualities of your personality that attract a woman and keep her interested in you from the very beginning of your first date.

Most guys focus on things that don’t really matter and overlook the bigger elements of coming across as that interesting, attractive guy that every woman wants to spend time with, and this is what makes all the difference in their interactions with women when they are out on a date.

“Powerful First Date” will guide you step by step toward making the most from your first dates. This program will show you exactly and specifically:

  • How to ask a woman out the right way and increase the chances of having a date with her, and how not to ask a woman out. 
  • Where to go and the best things to do on a first date that will work best for creating attraction.
  • Tips for conveying your most attractive qualities to a woman on a first date.
  • The most important principles of conversation that make a difference between creating attraction and being boring to a woman that you must know before you go out on a first date with any worthy woman. 
  • Demonstrate these three qualities to a woman that you are out with to amplify her interest in you through the roof. You are unlikely to learn about those three elements anywhere else!
  • What most guys do on a first date that you must avoid doing at all costs in order to be attractive to the opposite sex.
  • How to be the most interesting and engaging company she has ever gone out on a first date with, and NO, IT’S NOT ASKING HER OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS ABOUT HERSELF!
  • How to tease and flirt on a first date for maximum attraction while having fun doing it.
  • Specific examples of fun conversations you can have with women from which you will learn how to build your own great conversations with women on a first date.
  • Specific examples of how to respond to challenging questions from women on a first date.
  • How to avoid typical first date mistakes that so many guys make that sabotage their success with women. 
  • And many more very useful tips and strategies on making all the right moves on your first date and avoiding all the wrong ones.

Over 200 men around the world have already gotten this unique program and enjoy the dramatic improvement in their ability to have better first dates and subsequent dates with women.

And I would be excited if you were the next success story.

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