“Powerful Online Dating Profiles” Guide

powerful online dating profiles written by womenPowerful Online Dating Profiles” Guide is a collection of 12 actual, unedited, online dating profiles and one extra bonus profile #13 that we selected after carefully reviewing many hundreds of profiles on OkCupid, Match and similar sites. We found those profiles to be well written, and exceptionally attractive and compelling.

Although all the profiles in this collection are written by women, we believe that the guys who try to review their dating profiles in order to get better results can learn just as much about how to write a better and a more compelling dating profile in order to stand out from the rest of the guys in the online dating world. And considering the fact that generally women tend to read the profiles (and not just look at the pictures) much more often than guys, this guide will probably be even more useful to men than women.

The actual examples of the profiles included in this guide should help you come up with your own great dating profile that would intrigue a reader and would make them think “wow, this guy/woman is not like everybody else… they seem to be so much more interesting.”  We also included our brief commentary next to every profile, explaining why we specifically liked every profile so much.

The profiles included in this guide are not meant to be copied and pasted, and doing that will not serve you well, as it’s not going to convey who you really are. These profiles are meant to inspire you to write more creatively and more boldly and to come up with your own writing style and content that will reflect who you are in a way that would make woman think “I really want to meet this guy” before you even start communicating with her.

Below is a sample from one of the 13 profiles included in this guide:

About Me:…What happens when a restless person finds stability? She gets bored. I’m hoping you are also stable and bored with it. Let’s be restless together? Seeking adventures, outdoor or urban or maybe just barefoot in a kitchen over pasta sauce and a nice red.

What I am Doing with My Life: Giving snide answers when the first thing someone asks is “what do you do?” I am a zoo keeper specializing in gorilla management. An unemployed astronaut. Actually, I am an administrative assistant at a book distributor. Now you can ask me what a book distributor does instead of asking me what I do. But you’re more creative than that anyway. My favorite things to do with my life are spending time in parks or living rooms with good company, making things with paint or hot glue or on the internet, exploring outside places, appreciating live music since I don’t make it very well myself (sometimes I try)….

This is an example of a profile that very clearly communicates that the author is an interesting person through just a few lines. This is one of the things that you should be doing in order to meet more and better people through your dating profile.

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