“What You Wish You Knew About Men”

What You Wish You Knew About MenRead free sample from “What You Wish You Knew About Men” E-book for Women “What You Wish You Knew About Men” E-Book is a unique guide to transforming your dating life and relationships by becoming a more attractive woman and learning how to meet and form successful relationships with Quality men. Are you sick of all the generic, mainstream, useless dating and relationship advice you have been getting in all those magazines and books out there? All they do is try sell you things you don’t need and try to take advantage of a woman’s insecurities and push those products that are only marginally important to your romantic success and don’t really make a difference to you becoming a more desirable woman in to your ability to learn how to have great relationships with men. Changing the kind of lipstick and perfume you are using, buying a new purse or wearing higher heels is not what is going to attract to you the men that you are dreaming about meeting, dating, and spending your valuable time with. Did you ever ask yourself – what is it that men are really looking for in a woman? Or, more precisely – what are quality single men looking for in a woman and who do they rally want to settle with and be in a long-term relationship? In my many conversations with some of the most interesting, attractive, and intelligent men, I heard over and over again that many of those desirable guys who dated dozens of women, eventually fell in love with the one who stood out from the rest being more feminine, elegant, intelligent, witty, and direct than almost everyone else they ever met. It’s an incredible fact that the vast majority of women are puzzled by and frustrated with these question of what men really want, and yet all the answers that are available to them out there are of hardly any use. The sea of the mediocre, generic dating advice in magazines and popular dating guides leads to mediocre results. Certainly, quality men are a small minority, but so are all other good things in life as I am sure you know. However, learning how to meet and form relationships with those men is a task well worth undertaking, and the journey towards becoming a more attractive interesting woman and learning how to attract men can be quite an exciting adventure.

“What You Wish You Knew About Men” will put an end to the endless, useless, sugar-coated advice and hypocrisy surrounding the dating advice women receive and will answer those questions about men that concern you the most in the most open and bluntly candid manner. In this guide, you will learn among many other things:

  • No more falling a victim to the main stream advice in popular magazines that try to convince you that a better make-up and different shoes will make it easier for you to find a great man.
  • No more waiting for Mr. Right to show up at your door and ask you out. Uncover your most powerful weapon of evoking interest and attracting great men.
  • No more going out to clubs and bars, seeing all the losers around, and coming back home with frustration, wondering where all the great men are and if they really exist at all!
  • No more confusion as to what men want and need from a woman and why they act the way they do under different circumstances!
  • No more listening to useless dating advice from friends and relatives.

This guide will put you on the right track toward making those little changes in your appearance, behavior, beliefs and perceptions that will make a big difference in your ability to meet, attract and successfully date men. This revolutionary dating guide for women will also prevent you from making the typical mistakes that almost all other women make that sabotage their love life and relationships. Improving your love life is a real issue that requires, like all other real problems, REAL solutions and not quick fixes. This work is a result of years of my research, personal experience, and observing and studying the exact patterns that make certain women’s love life a success as opposed to failure. “What You Wish You Knew About Men” will show you in a clear, honest, and no-nonsense manner:

  • Why do most women meet assholes most of the time and have such a hard time meeting all the great men that are out there and how you can change that completely in your own life.
  • The most common and widespread mistakes that women make that ruin their chances of meeting quality men. Learn how to not make those mistakes and take your dating level to a different level immediately!
  • You most powerful weapon of attracting men in any situations, and NO – it’s not your high-heeled shoes or tight jeans!
  • The true reason why meeting men in bars is not the best idea that you were never told.
  • One thing that says the most good things about a woman and that women chronically fail to convey to the men around them.
  • Your looks vs. your look! How to convey to a man that you are an exceptional woman before you even meet him!
  • The truth about being a larger woman that Oprah didn’t tell you, and how you can use it to your advantage.
  • Several extremely effective ways to distinguish yourself from other women and win a man’s attention every time!
  • The biggest turn-offs in a woman from most quality men’s perspective – learn what they are, eliminate them in your personality, and avoid sabotaging your future relationships forever!!!
  • One crucial quality in a man that every woman is looking for but can’t quite put her finger on it! Find out what this quality is and determine with ease from now on whether any guy is someone you could be interested in having a long-term relationship with.
  • How to tell a great man from a loser early on in your interaction with any guy!
  • Recognize the signs of a man’s long-term interest in you. The biggest communication blunders between sexes and how to deal with them effectively and avoid many problems and conflicts in your interactions with men at any stage of dating.
  • The true importance of sex and physical Intimacy in a relationship.
  • How and what to say to a man and what to avoid saying at all times!
  • How do you know if you should break up or try to work things out.
  • Why do you get jealous and how to overcome jealousy?
  • Why some men cheat and move on so frequently from one woman to the next one.
  • One great way to successfully deal with break-ups.
  • And much more useful dating and relationships advice for you.

Don’t date another guy without learning this unique dating and relationships advice dedicated to those women who don’t want to compromise for mediocrity in the opposite sex. Get “What You Wish You Knew about Men” now for just $14.95 (instant download)

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