Facials – Why He Wants to Cum On Your Face

facials cumming on faceI have been asked a few times in the past by girls why guys like giving girls facials. These girls obviously didn’t like the idea of a guy cumming on their face and they couldn’t understand why any guy would want to do something so “humiliating” and “degrading” to a girl. For a while I had a really hard time explaining why a guy may want to cum on a girl’s face. After much thinking and talking to quite a few random guys as well as a few of my close male friends, who I consider to be insightful, I have come to a simple conclusion: the most common reason that a guy would want to cum on a girl’s face is exactly the same reason why he would want to do anything else sexual with any other part of her body  –  because he is turned on by it, and because he finds that part of her body to be sexually appealing. Just like a guy wants to look at a girl’s ass and boobs if he considered her to be hot, he would want to penetrate a girl, whose body he finds attractive and desirable, he would want a hand-job and a blowjob from her, because he likes her hands on his penis, and her mouth around his penis, it’s not different with her face. He finds her face attractive and sexy, and therefore he wants to act on his attraction to her face by looking at it while masturbating and ejaculating on it. Cumming on a woman’s face is the pinnacle of expression of a man’s sexual attraction to a woman’s face.

As a woman, while you certainly shouldn’t force yourself to do or enjoy something you don’t, if it’s the feeling of humiliation that’s the problem, then you should stop perceiving facials as anything like that. On the contrary, the fact that the guy wants to come on your face is a huge compliment to you – it means that he finds you face sexually so attractive that he is aroused by just looking at it. I can’t imagine how the purpose of any guy in wanting to cum on a girl’s face would be humiliating her. Whether he is interested in anything serious with her or not, a facial is not a sign of disrespect. Unless you were unlucky enough to meet one of those few guys out there, who are on a mission to take their frustrations about the world out by trying to humiliating women women by having sex with them and the disappearing right after, the guy wants to cum on your face out of the same desire that he wants to kiss you, eat you out, and have sex with you. But if that’s the case, whether it was a facial or any other kind of sex, it’s not going to change who he is and how he will treat you.