How to Start Talking to a Girl When She is in a Group of Friends

approaching a group of women at a barMany guys consider it an insurmountable obstacle to approaching, meeting and talking to a girl at a bar if she is not by herself and is hanging out with her friends. They believe that friends are like some kind of electric fence that prevents them from approaching a girl as guys are afraid that these friends will judge him and/or make fun of him, or even try to c-ckblock, be overprotective of their friends and otherwise prevent him from talking to the girl he likes and wants to meet.

More often than not, the above concerns are unfounded. First, let’s face it – usually girls don’t hang out by themselves no matter where they are. Unless a woman is shopping during the daytime, she is never alone. Whether she is at a bar, cafe, restaurant or anywhere else, she is likely to have a company of one or more friends. But this shouldn’t be an obstacle to meeting her. In fact, this should make it easier to meet a woman if it’s perceived the right way, and here are three major reasons why:

1. A woman feels safer when she is surrounded by her friends. She will feel less threatened by a guy approaching and trying to talk to her, especially if she is shy herself as her friends, assuming that these are good friends who happened to also behave in a mature way, will likely make it easier for you to meet and talk, helping the conversation and perhaps even encouraging you to talk to her if she is single and available.

2. If a group of girls is hanging out and having fun at a restaurant, bar, or a club – chances are they are talking about guys, and the whole issue of dating is already on their mind. Thus, a girl you approach will not be caught off guard when you come and try to talk to her. She is already thinking about meeting a guy that she will hopefully like.

3. It might just be easier for you to talk to a group of girls than to just one woman who is by herself. If you see a bunch of girls in a group talking and laughing, you can come up to them and casually say – “Wow, you guys look like you are discussing something very exciting…. it must be the stock market…I want to know all about it” or anything else silly and mildly sarcastic like that.

Lastly, don’t fear of approaching groups, as if you do it confidently and the right way, you won’t be judged but admired for your confidence, courage, and communication skills.

And worse comes worse, if you make a flirtatious eye contact with a girl who is in a group, approach the group and ask the others to borrow their friend for a minute. This should make it easier, if you want to talk to her one on one.

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11 years ago

"will likely make it easier for you to meet and talk, helping the conversation and perhaps even encouraging you to talk to her if she is single and available."

Only if they know me/the guy very well.

Girls always seem to be cockblockers. Most of the very few times ive approached a girl with friends they have been dragged away or just walked away. Even when if the girl has been a familiar for four years..

But then my country has a very high rate of rapes and sexual assaults each years (Sweden) and people use to be overprotecting here.