Dating Profile Review Service

online dating profile review serviceYou have already gone through the trouble of joining an online dating site or more likely a few of them. You took the time to write a profile and answer a bunch of questions about yourself and you posted a bunch of pictures. You may or may not be paying a monthly fee. You have sent dozens or even hundreds of messages to the women you are interested in meeting in your area, but you hardly ever hear back from any of them. And the longer this lasts, the more frustrated you feel due to wasting all this time and not getting anywhere.

To meet and attract women online, standing out and being different from others is even more important than anywhere else because of the competition  – because every half-decent looking woman is bombarded with messages every day. You already know that generic advice about posting recent photos, sounding positive in your profile, and proofreading it for spelling errors is not what will make a difference between an average profile and the one that jumps out at women and makes eager to write back to you. And this is not the kind of obvious, trivial advice you are looking for.

Or, maybe you woman who is frustrated with her online dating experience due to attracting the every wrong type of a guy over and over, and who wishes that the men of higher quality would contact her, talk to her and ask her out.

Practical Happiness offers individual, customized Dating Profile Review Service to both men and women. After working with dozens of men and women on improving their dating profiles and making their online presence on OkCupid, Match, JDate and similar sites far more interesting and noticeable, I have a lot of practical, and proven to be effective tips to share with on how to improve every part of your dating profile – from your pictures, to the content of your “about me” section, and other elements of your profile that might seem insignificant to you, while they are quite important.

Here is what you get when you sign up for our Dating Profile Review Service at a total cost of $149.00.    

  • I personally review every part of your profile and make specific, proven to be effective suggestions on what I believe hurts your profile and how you can and should fix it and why to get better results.  I then send you a comprehensive e-mail with all the information about you should consider doing specifically in order to improve your dating profile and further.
  • I look at your pictures and we work together on removing the bad pictures (which is just as important or even more important than having good pictures), adding pictures that are flattering to you, or creating a whole new set of photos for your profile. I provide a comprehensive feedback about your photos by e-mail.
  • We then schedule a 20 min phone call, during which I would answer any of the questions you have about your profile and about my suggestions, and during which I would make any additional suggestions on how you can make your profile better in light of our conversation, if necessary.
  • Finally, we review and critique your last 5 messages to the people you tried to get in touch with on that dating site but never heard back in order to help you craft better messages.

Recent Testimonials

“Thank you for your help with my dating profile. My mistakes now seem obvious to me. I don’t know how is it that I didn’t see what you saw earlier, but I am much happier now with my results and the response rate from women. Prior to contacting you and seeking your help with my dating profile, I was very close to giving up, as there are only so many messages a man can send out without getting a response before getting completely frustrated.” – Ben, 41, CO. , September 2015

“Very effective service. Can be a little blunt with suggestions but they turned out to be very helpful. Listening to my guy friends’ advice on how to write a profile was a bad idea. I am glad I found your information on here.”  – Jerry,  37, San Jose CA., July 2015

“Loved working with you. Your advice is refreshingly direct, and useful. I shared your tips with a few of my female friends who made the same mistakes as  I did, especially with our photos and “about me” section. Even though I haven’t met the one yet, my experience talking to guys online is so different and so much better now.”  Liz, 31,  Illinois., May 2015

“Great, non-nonsense help with my dating profile, which makes a lot of sense. I wish I had contacted you earlier. I now can weed out all the lame guys so much easier, and my profile has been generally attracting guys of a much higher mental caliber ever since I fixed my profile with your guidance and revisions ” Alison, 44, Oakland, CA.  October, 2014.