A Promising New Video Dating Service

filderoff video dating ai mathmakerFilteroff is a new modern dating service, where you are able set short video dates (4 minutes) with other members selected by AI engine and then match with othermembers on the basis of how well those video date go. It appears that this would most closely imitate meeting people in the “real” world, where you would be forced to strike up a conversation with stranger instead of texting them, like all the other apps until now. 

I am quite optimstic about Filteroff, even though I have no idea how well their AI matching engine works. I am sure that with time it will improve and will be come more effective at matching people at least based on their appearance and other objective criteria, such as their interests, hobbies and dating goals.   

This matchmaking service is quite a bit more expensive than your typical monthly fees for dating apps, but I believe it’s a good thing because it will significantly reduce one of the biggest issues with those other dating apps – having too many members who are not serious about dating app or dating in general. While a higher fee isn’t a guarantee of finding the love of you life, it should help filter our all those people who are using the service out of boredom and because they have nothing better to do. And still, this service is way, way less expensive than many of the actual matchming services where you would have to pay anywhere between $10k to $30k or even more for a handful of introductions. 

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