Uptight Women – How Being Uptight Hurts Your Dating Life

(Last Updated On: 06/25/2016)

uptight women have dating issues There aren’t many men out there who want to deal with uptight women ¬†– the ones who act like they are some kind of royalty, and who think that they should be treated like a very expensive and fragile artifact – with utmost gentle care without being exposed to any strong or controversial opinion or an inappropriate joke. In fact, I don’t know any such men except those guys who think that all women are uptight, and that’s just how it is, just because the few ones that they met happened to be that way.

Uptight women are hard to get along with on just about any level. An uptight woman can’t take a joke and is offended by that which is meant to entertain, is really hard to please and is easily and quickly¬†offended by things which would be trivial and are not a big deal to others.¬†Uptight women are also usually¬†very moody and unpredictable. You just never know when she is going to snap on you, run out the door or start yelling at you for no significant reason.

When a guy goes out with an uptight woman, she would be constantly complaining about where they are, whether it’s dinner or any other common situation on a date, what’s going on around and what the guy said or did at any given moment – from his table manners to his views and opinion on some political issues.¬†An uptight woman¬†is hypersensitive and takes herself extremely seriously. She is more likely to give¬†your waiter a hard time, return her food¬†during dinner and¬†ask for something¬†else or be a¬†pain in just about any other¬†way. Many guys, even the most confident guys, will have a hard time relaxing and being themselves around such a woman.

Uptight Means Taking Yourself Way too Seriously 

For uptight women, being uptight is just one way to cover up their insecurities. Men who have a lot of dating experience and who have met different kinds of women throughout their life know that if a woman they are out with seems to be taking herself too seriously, it is a sure sign of her being uptight and insecure about who she is. This also mean that she probably feels deep on the inside that she is not all that. Otherwise, why should she even feel the need to bring up her accomplishment in a conversation in the first place? When you need to remind the men you meet of your claimed self worth, it comes across as some kind of defense mechanism against them perceiving you as low status, as if they had a reason to.

Some uptight women push men away even before they go out. When that cute guy, who they might¬†be interested in¬†going, is just trying to approach them, meet¬†them and have that very first conversation with them – whether on line or in real life – their reaction is unreasonably skeptical and way too guarded. In response to a guy’s innocent joke or a witty comment, a typical uptight girl would roll her eyes and turn the other way instead of playing along with the banter that the guy initiated and seeing where that conversation takes them.

Uptight Means Having a Poor or No Sense of Humor

I bet that as a woman – sense of humor is one of the most important qualities that you are looking for in the men you meet, and you find it hard to imagine being attracted to a guy who doesn’t make you laugh with his sharp wit. It’s important to keep in mind that guys who are naturally funny and witty very much prefer women who can appreciate off-beat humor, who can dish a few jokes or sarcastic remarks on their own and who are definitely not uptight. To the men who are funny, sense of humor is just as important in the women they would like to date as it is to you in guys. ¬†These types of men are certainly not interested in being overly cautious and politically correct, and they are not particularly interested in walking on eggshells when talking to a woman that they are attracted to. Small talk about weather and traffic is not going to cut it for them, even on a first date. They want to go beneath the surface sooner than later.

The truth is that the most confident, intelligent, educated, fun and otherwise attractive women are usually not uptight, because they don’t have to prove anything to anyone. They are secure at who they are and where they are in life, and they don’t mind laughing at things around them, including laughing at themselves. In fact they enjoy self-deprecating humor and they like guys who can enjoy the same. What uptight women are offended by will often entertain the easy going ones. The more experienced men know this.¬†Having experienced a few bad dates with uptight men, these men consciously or subconsciously test every next women they meet with their unconventional humor in order to weed out the uptight and the narrow minded ones.

Why You Are Uptight and What You Can Do About It

If you are one of those few women who knows that she is uptight and she would like to change it, the most important first step you can and should do is this:

stop attributing serious meaning to statements that are obviously meant to be joke

I remember being out on a date with one girl. At one point she said, “well… in my opinion…” I immediately interrupted her, and I asked her to hold on a second. I then pulled out a notepad and a pen, assumed the position of being ready to write whatever she was going to say, looked back at her and said “ok, go head… I just want to make sure that I don’t miss any of your important opinion.” Instead of laughing, or playfully slapping me and calling me an ass, she took it very seriously, and asked me with a semi-angry tone “You don’t think my opinions are important because I am a woman, ha?” ¬†– talk about being uptight and taking yourself seriously. ¬†This is just one example of how you should not and would not react if you were comfortable with your place in the world as a woman, and if you didn’t doubt in the value of your opinions. ¬†That reaction was a major turn-off to me and a sure red flag that that interaction wasn’t going very far.

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