Why Older Women Flake Less

(Last Updated On: 08/15/2016)

older women flake less oftenI found through my observation of the behavior of many younger and older women a general pattern that repeats itself over and over – the more mature women (late 20’s and on) are generally more reliable than younger women. This should not be a surprise because there are at least three significant reasons as to why older women are more likely to generally keep their word – they are more likely to call when they say they, to show up for a date and generally be more straightforward in their interactions with a guy:

1. Older women are generally more responsible

Having a greater educational and professional experience usually teaches a woman a few life lessons about the importance of keeping one’s word. This includes extending basic courtesy to others when it comes to meeting deadline and keeping appointments, and following through in general, both professionally and in social settings. This often translates into being more courteous to men who are potential dating prospects. An older woman is much more likely to call when she says she will. After making a few mistakes and learning from her own experience that flaking is a very unattractive quality, an older woman is likely to reflect on this and be better about following through. She will show up for dates more often without giving lame excuses for canceling, and will generally be more reliable.

2. Older women flake less often because they have a higher sex drive

You might not see an immediate connection between sex drive and reliability but it’s certainly there. A younger woman isn’t that interested in sex, and she is more focused on just getting attention and figuring out what behavior and attitude makes her most attractive and desirable (aka “playing games”). On the other hand, women in their mid thirties and older women, are generally past that stage and their have higher libido. Sex and physical intimacy become one of their priorities. If an older woman meets a guy she likes and finds physically attractive, she is going to make it more clear that she is interested in spending time with him on all levels, including sexually. It also helps that older women have less hang-ups that prevent them from doing what they really want to do with men. They are not ashamed of their sexual desire and fantasies, and they do not want to miss out on acting on them with the right guy at the right time.

3. Older women flake less because they are more aware of shortness of life and are less inclined to waste their time or yours. 

An older woman with a  more extensive experience of meeting and dating guys knows from first hand experience how rare the guys she really likes are. She might have dated 30 or more guys throughout her life, but she would only consider 2 or 3 out of all of them to be truly special and worthy of being in a relationship or marrying to.  Therefore, she is going to treat the next great guy who comes into her life with much more courtesy and care, because she knows how rare that type is, and she would not want to just miss out on a connection with him for no good reason. As cruel as it sounds, older women have less time. They can’t afford waiting for too long, playing hard to get, be “unavailable” and follow “The Rules.” They have to be more forward and more direct in their behavior with the men they like and would like to develop a romantic relationship with.

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