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guest articles for practicalhappiness.comPractical Happiness welcomes guest articles with useful, original practical, and interesting tips and advice on any aspect of dating and relationships. Our favorite articles are the ones that take a stand/opinion on any dating/relationship issue, as opposed to being neutral, and contain specific, real-life examples. Please make sure that your article doesn’t provide advice that’s obvious, simplistic or trivial, such as “Be yourself” or “Be on time on your dates.”

Here are our guest article submission guidelines:
1. Please make sure that your article is between 500 and 2000 words.
2. Please review your article for typos, spelling, and punctuation errors before submitting you work for our review.
3. Feel free to include up to one link to your site or any other relevant, quality site or article.
5. Please send your article as a word attachment with “guest article” in the subject line and e-mail the attachment to

We will review your submission and normally respond within 48 business hours, either advising you that your article has been accepted or asking you to make changes in order to get it approved. If you article has been accepted it will be posted within 24 hours of its approval. If it has not been accepted, we will let you know why.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

The Team

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