Dating Coaching

Have a personal phone / zoom video one-on-one dating coaching with me where we can accomplish anything from carefully reviewing your dating profile and communications with the people you meet, your real life approaching and being approached, your first dates, and taking things to the next level, as well as discuss any specific issues that you have in your current relationship.
My favorite thing to do is to identify the specific mistakes that might be holding you back from improving the outcome of your interactions with the opposite sex at any stage of your getting to know them.
The fees are as follow:
$200 for a 30 min phone or zoom video consult
$350 for 60 min phone or zoom video consult
If you would like to proceed, please e-mail me at and include the following information, and I will reply within one business day:
(a) which of the above options you prefer;
(b) brief summary of relevant information about yourself that you believe I need to know;
(c) questions and goals you would like addressed during our consult.


Recent Testimonials From Dating Coaching Clients:
“Honestly is so hard to come by these days because no one wants to hurt your feelings. Beating around the bush and sugar coating is not something that Arkady does. He pointed out a few things in my attitude and my interactions with women online that I never thought were problem, which now allows me to do so much better on match and similar sites as far as talking to and developing conversation with women.”  Alex, 31, Seattle, WA (August, 2022).
“Thank you for helping me making a few simple adjustments in my attire, behavior and schedule to make myself more available to the quality single guys I am interested in meeting. I used to think I had no options with guys, but that’s definitely no longer the case.” Emily, California, 32, 6/2022.
“My favorite part about Arkady’s coaching is how brutally honest and how specific he is with his advice. I don’t think that I would ever hear about the obvious mistakes I made from anyone else for a long time if it wasn’t for him. I am sure he saved me years of wondering why my first dates with so many women wouldn’t go anywhere.”  Darren, 31, California, 4/2020.
“During the 1-hour phone consultation, we attacked numerous topics ranging from my false beliefs to various ways of approaching attractive women in different settings. The major benefit of the phone coaching session is that you are able to obtain advice specifically tailored to your personal concerns, otherwise not possible by reading books or watching dating videos. I was most pleased with how Arkady emphasized ways I can be myself without relying on cheesy pick-up routines that many dating experts encourage. I highly recommend a phone consultations to help dispel anything that may be holding you back from meeting attractive women.” James, 27, Florida, November 2019
“Before we talked I’d been dwelling on most of the things you pointed out. You illustrated some of my own thoughts very elegantly and made me realize certain things about women and dating that never occurred to me. Thank you!” – Arthur
“I decided to try phone coaching with Arkady after being left totally disillusioned and confused from all the mainstream dating advice I had been devouring for months. I didn’t really know what to expect, the only exposure I had to his work were his youtube videos. He seemed like a down to earth and honest guy. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, so I gave it a shot. Arkady called me as we agreed. I was very much impressed by his professionalism and humor. Noe once did we have a tense moment. He has a knack for breaking down big problems into their fundamental building blocks. There were also no gimmicks to be found, just straight up honest to God advice. We covered so much ground in one session that I am kicking myself for not recording the entire conversation. Overall, I felt there is a great value to be gained from him to anyone who wants to improve his dating life and is serious about it.” B., New Zealand.

“What I liked about dating coaching with Arkady over the phone the most is that he “keeps it real.” He tells you how it is and while trying to be objective. He is not there to make you feel better or to support whatever you think you are doing is right, but he is there to tell you what you can do specifically to deal with the challenges you have dating guys or in your current relationship. I have had two sessions with Arkady so far, and the second one was even more useful than the first one.” Maria, 31, California.

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