How to Deal with Jealous Cockblocker Friends

jealous-cock-blockersBoth sexes are familiar with this issue. Whether you are a guy or a girl, one or more of your friends might be a jealous cockblocker – someone who prevents you from meeting and talking to potential dating and relationship partners when you are out at a bar, restaurant or anywhere else. Perhaps that friend justifies this by claiming that they are trying to protect you, criticizing whoever you are talking to without having much basis for that criticism under the disguise of caring about you and being protective or perhaps that friend is jealous that you are getting all the attention and not him/her.

First, lets remember that a real friend is looking out for your best interests and is happy when you are happy. In other words, a real friend is happy to see you talk and meet other people and instead of preventing it from happening will take a step to facilitate the “process.” A great friend will leave when you talk to someone instead of getting involved and/or will say a few flattering things about you to whoever you are talking to.

But, how do you deal with a friend who acts like a cockblocker who is jealous of you getting most or all of the attention from the opposite sex when you are out? – First, you should address this issue openly and honestly. This doesn’t have to be an argument or a confrontation, but if you feel that you friend is too protective, talking to him. Explain to him that you really appreciate the efforts to keep you away from any risk of harm, but you also feel confident that you can handle talking to other people on your own and you would like to make the decisions of who to talk to and who to date on your own.

If your friend is clearly jealous of you and all the attention that you get because you might be more attractive or otherwise more desirable to the opposite sex, you should seriously consider whether you should maintain that friendship. A “friend” who tends to be backstabbing you when it comes to meeting people and dating is likely to not be very loyal when it comes to other aspects of your friendship. If you have such a person in your life, you are probably better off minimizing the time you spend with him/her and keep it to the minimum, “replacing” that friend with a real friend who is happy seeing you having fun talking, meeting, and dating people, and who instead of cockblocking – introduces you to other people.

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11/06/2011 11:13 am

Sometimes though people will pretend their friend is a cock-blocker because she doesn't want to go home with the guy or seehim again. She will say things like "I can't leave her." I know this because I am the supportive friend that is labeled as a cock-blocker and gets mean stares from guys because they think that I am in the way of them getting laid tonight but it is not. Sometimes chicks just want to flirt with a guy and nothing else.