Upcoming Live Stream “Gold Diggers” – 6 pm PST / March 9, 2019

It has been known that one of the leading causes of stress, arguments, and disagreement in relationships are money problems. The issue of money and who pays for what can arise at any point  -from that first date to making major financial decisions and purchases when you ar already in what seems to be a stable, long term relationship. In this steam, we will cover some of the most common money questions I have been receiving from people of ages between mid twenties and late 40’s. Join the stream, and post your comments and questions for live discussion.

Your Generosity And Your Expectations From Your Partner

Many people have the worst disappointment and anger possible when their generosity toward the person they are dating is not being reciprocated and when they realize that their “investments” will not pay off. Watch the video below for one idea on how to have the right mindset about your generosity that will help you avoid these negative emotions should your generosity not pay off in the end: