Should You Try to Make Him Jealous

Many women believe that trying to make a guy jealous by flirting with another guy in his presence will increase the first guy’s attraction and interest. This belief has little, if any, basis. Surely, showing interest in another guy make provoke the guy who you are interested in perceive you as a more desirable woman. However, if he isn’t interested in you and not attracted to you after getting to know you, trying to make him jealous is not going to change that.

In most cases, trying to make a guy jealous is a waste of time, emotions and energy. If the guy is not interested in you, no attempt to make him jealous will create his genuine interest in spending time with you. At most, it might spark up some competitive instincts in one guy as against the other, but… you have to ask yourself – is that really the way you want to attract a guy?

So… don’t waste your time trying to make the guy jealous. You are much better off moving on and pursuing other things in your life and other men who will be interested in you for who you are without the necessity of making them jealous.

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12/15/2014 4:26 pm

So, they make a man feel rejected in order to get their kicks. No wonder that’s the last time they’ll ever see the man – if he has any self-respect.

04/02/2012 1:38 pm

Women who actively try to make men jealous are often the biggest sluts, at least in my own experience. Women who play this game are not worthy of a relationship.