Overcoming Jealousy

overcoming jealousyJealousy is one of the most common reasons for all kinds of problems, arguments and fighting in a relationship. There is much more to the issue of jealousy than just that – being jealous. Jealousy  also involves issues of both trusting the other person to be loyal and faithful to you, while also having the confidence and self esteem – that you are worth being faithful and loyal to. Overcoming and abandoning jealousy is absolutely critical to having a healthy and fulfilling relationship, as you can’t possible be happy or make your partner happy if either of you has jealousy issues. Of course, I am not talking about the healthy dose of jealousy which flatters and makes you feel like you are being loved. I am talking about the obsessive kind of jealousy that causes unnecessary fights and break-ups.

This site includes a number of articles with practical, effective tips on overcoming jealousy:

If you are dating someone or are in a relationship, and you feel that your jealousy causes all kinds of problems between you and you dating partner, please read our very popular article on how to overcome and abandon jealousy.

If you are a girl who has a jealous boyfriend, and you feel like his jealousy suffocates you in a relationship and makes you feel like you are in some kind of jail, our article on dealing with a jealous boyfriend might be very useful to you and to him, so make him read it to. Hopefully, he is open and willing to understand and learn more about his jealousy issues.

If you believe that you suffer from a different kind of jealousy – you are a guy and you are bothered by the fact that your male friends are flirting with your girlfriend when you are out, you might find our article on social jealousy to be useful to your situation.

And if your relationship suffers from the fact that you are jealous of or feel threatened by our partner’s ex, makes sure that you read our article on how to stop being jealous of your partner’s ex.

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02/23/2013 9:15 am

Dear All, I have just started dating a boy for several months now with whome i am extremly in love and happy..i am scared though of one thing and strongly want to avoid an unhealthy relationship…I know that his ex left him because he was too jealous and controlling of her but i aslo know that she was an attention craver and flirty….things is he went through her emails, her computer wouldn t let her speak to her x’s and was apparently extremely exclusif and controling with her …worst part he amditted he was the one cheating on her… so my concern right now is not to fall in this same pattern but can people actually change??? or do they want to change to make it happen…and last but not least but a person with such a behavior for me is defently someone that doesn’t truly love…but has issues…

what should i do ? wait and see if he will be different to me or run quick before i see the ugly side come out