Recommended Books & Movies recommends the following books and movies that we believe contain very useful information on different aspects of dating and relationships, and are also well worth reading/watching for other reasons.

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Recommended Dating and Relationship Advice Books for Women:

Don’t Be That Girl – although criticized in other dating books, I think this short read is a must read for every single woman, as this short guide goes through the common types of behaviors in women that are unattractive to women. The book is written in a provocative and entertaining way and covers just about every common behavior of a modern woman that turns guys off. As a guy, I have to attest that I personally experienced or heard of every type of a woman that the author refers to and that you shouldn’t be.

Have Him at Hello: Confessions from 1,000 Guys About What Makes Them Fall in Love . . . Or Never Call Back – this is one of my favorite books for women. It is an essential guide for every single professional woman in a modern world who wants to do better when she meets men and goes out on dates, and who wants to avoid the many common mistakes that many women make and have no clue about that send serious red flags to guys and are often total deal breakers from as early as first date. #1 date breaker described in the book, called “The Boss Lady” is a total must-read for every professional woman in the western world. The writer covers just about every possible issue or mistake that real women out there make with men when going out on first dates and right after and effective ways to distinguish yourself by avoiding those mistakes. I believe that this book would save most single women out there months or even years of frustration of not understanding why guys don’t ask them out on a date or why they don’t call them after the first date.

Marry Him – The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough – this is yet another incredibly useful book for women, in which the writer who has gone through many ups and downs in her dating life is looking back and shares her successes, mistakes and regrets. This book is extremely valuable to younger women, as it will disabuse them of the misguided frame of mind that so many of them have when meeting guys and dating, and having unreasonable expectations is just one of them. The writer shares her mistakes and regrets through specific examples most candidly in an attempt to pass the lessons she learned to other women. Many readers would be able to relate to the writer’s examples, to the mistakes she believes she make in her interactions with men and to her conclusions from those mistakes.

Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence – this is an incredibly interesting exploration of those issues that every married couple or any other couple in a long term relationship faces, but most people are uncomfortable discussing – how our sexual relationship with a long-term partners evolves and the best ways to deal with it. This book is a must for any person in a long term relationship and anyone who wants to be ready to deal in a healthy and effective way with the inevitable decline of sexual attraction between partners in a long term relationship or marriage. The writer is a licensed therapist and she conveys her ideas through the true stories of her patients.

Recommended Dating Advice Books for Men

Day Bang: How To Casually Pick Up Girls During The Day – don’t be fooled by the crude title of this book and the writer’s occasional crudeness throughout the book. This is one of the most practical useful guides on approaching and meeting women during the days and specifically in coffee shops. The books has plenty of specific and realistic examples of approaching women in different common situations in coffee shops and other common daytime venues.

Recommended Movies:

Griffin & Phoenix – this is a great movie but it is also one of the saddest movies I have seen. Both men and women can learn plenty from this movie about confidence, humor and banter, flirting and dynamics in intense relationships.

Make sure you watch “Crazy Kind of Love”, as besides being a great movie, it’s literally a textbook guide on flirting, attraction and on how to be interesting on a date, among many other things.

Like Crazy – this movie feels very “European.” Its plot is simple but the execution is very touching. The movie feels very “raw” – almost like a reality show but in a good way. It almost looks like a documentary of a love story. This movie is probably suited for a night in with your significant other more than for learning anything about dating and relationships, except the movie reminds us that the best gifts that one love can give the other are the ones that are unique and involve a personal effort in creating them on our part. Both the guy and the girl give at least on gift to each other which is low cost but very thoughtful, unique and romantic. This movie also reminds us of the power of silence and that the two people don’t have to be talking non stop when they are going out.

Crazy, Stupid, Love – this romantic comedy includes a lot of valuable lessons for men, some of which include the following: there is no way around the important of personal appearance to both how women perceive you and just as importantly – how you feel about yourself. It also directly related to becoming more confident with women. This moves has actual, realistic examples of starting conversations with women and it reminds the viewer a very important – you don’t have to say something very special or original to just break the ice and start a conversation with a woman. On a more deeper level, the movie reminds men that what they think they want might not be what they actually want, but it takes experiencing both lifestyle to realize and recognize that.

The Last Time – Michael Keaton’s brilliant performance provides plenty of examples of what it means to be a confident, alpha male. Although more applicable to the cut throat New York City’s sales world, every guy should find this movie to be suspenseful, entertaining, with plenty of love, passion and surprises.

Bitter Moon [1992] daring, highly politically incorrect drama which engages in a  dark exploration of falling madly in love and in last, giving in to revenge and looking at the turbulent past from the distance of years with acquired life experience. This is one of my all-time favorite movies, and one piece of work that in my opinion alone makes Roman Polanski a genius.

Victim of Love – Pierce Brosnan delivers a textbook guide performance to attractive, confident male body language and eye contact. Some of it might be a little too much and unrealistic, unless you are as handsome as he is, but overall the movie includes tons of tips on interactive with a woman from the first approach, to first conversations, seduction, etc.

In addition, these three movies about what love actually is  can also be useful to your own journey toward better understanding of what it means to love someone and be loved.

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