ph photoI started PracticalHappiness.com in 2005, because I was so eager to share what I have learned and what I was continuing to learn about all the tricky aspects of dating and relationships – from approaching and meeting women, developing confidence, dealing with jealousy, to various relationship issues, break-ups and online dating. Having had to deal with just about every challenge a young guy can deal with, including terrible acne, total inability to even look women in the eye, let alone make a move and talk to girls due to a paralyzing fear of approaching, and one terrible date after the other, I was desperately seeking to find answers to my questions about how to turn things around. As I was getting better at meeting women, I developed a strong desire to share with my fellow young men and later – with women as well – what dating advice I found to be effective and what I found to be a waste of time and money and more importantly – what conclusions I arrived to about what prevents people from having the type of love life they dram about.

I am a big believer in constant learning, as I think it’s one of the things that makes life far more interesting. The world of dating has and continues to evolve, and today it’s so far from being what it was back when I started this site with the emergency of texting, social media, and dating apps. It seems, for instance, that all the advice about calling women on the phone for the first time has pretty much become obsolete, as guys pretty much no longer call women, and women don’t even expect it anymore, at least in the culture I live in.

This site has a unique goal and purpose of helping you through tough love.  This of course does not include making you feel better about your dating issues or telling you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with how you go about meeting and dating people.  I never saw much value in the “be yourself” kind of advice, as it can never lead to any kind of positive change. However, taking the tougher road – getting out of your comfort zone, taking a long hard look at your past and present behavior and actions when dealing with the opposite sex and doing something about it will much more likely help you overcome whatever challenging you are facing in your romantic interaction at any stage.

I don’t think that there is one aspect of dating that’s more important than others, and therefore I try to cover all angles and stages of meeting people, dating, online dating, relationship issues, and break-ups. Whether your are single, dating, in a short term or a long term relationship, are married, or are getting back into the dating scene after a difficult break-up or a divorce, you are likely to find a discussion on this site that’s relevant to your issue. If you don’t, please let us know and we will be happy to cover it in one of our next videos or articles.

Also, please be sure to also check and subscribe to my dating advice youtube channel for a wealth videos on various dating and relationship issues. I am also flattered by being featured on DatingAdvice.com

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