Facials – Why He Wants to Cum On Your Face

facials cumming on faceI have been asked a few times in the past by girls why guys like giving girls facials. These girls obviously didn’t like the idea of a guy cumming on their face and they couldn’t understand why any guy would want to do something so “humiliating” and “degrading” to a girl. For a while I had a really hard time explaining why a guy may want to cum on a girl’s face. After much thinking and talking to quite a few random guys as well as a few of my close male friends, who I consider to be insightful, I have come to a simple conclusion: the most common reason that a guy would want to cum on a girl’s face is exactly the same reason why he would want to do anything else sexual with any other part of her body  –  because he is turned on by it, and because he finds that part of her body to be sexually appealing. Just like a guy wants to look at a girl’s ass and boobs if he considered her to be hot, he would want to penetrate a girl, whose body he finds attractive and desirable, he would want a hand-job and a blowjob from her, because he likes her hands on his penis, and her mouth around his penis, it’s not different with her face. He finds her face attractive and sexy, and therefore he wants to act on his attraction to her face by looking at it while masturbating and ejaculating on it. Cumming on a woman’s face is the pinnacle of expression of a man’s sexual attraction to a woman’s face.

As a woman, while you certainly shouldn’t force yourself to do or enjoy something you don’t, if it’s the feeling of humiliation that’s the problem, then you should stop perceiving facials as anything like that. On the contrary, the fact that the guy wants to come on your face is a huge compliment to you – it means that he finds you face sexually so attractive that he is aroused by just looking at it. I can’t imagine how the purpose of any guy in wanting to cum on a girl’s face would be humiliating her. Whether he is interested in anything serious with her or not, a facial is not a sign of disrespect. Unless you were unlucky enough to meet one of those few guys out there, who are on a mission to take their frustrations about the world out by trying to humiliating women women by having sex with them and the disappearing right after, the guy wants to cum on your face out of the same desire that he wants to kiss you, eat you out, and have sex with you. But if that’s the case, whether it was a facial or any other kind of sex, it’s not going to change who he is and how he will treat you.

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  • allessior

    I would much rather cum on a woman’s ass than on any other part of the body. Now that is erotic, fucking doggie style, then pulling out and shooting all over, then rubbing the penis up and down between the ass cheeks. There is no humiliation here, just eroticism, pure and simple.

  • Bert Thingy

    I gotta say that doesn’t apply to me at all. Whenever I see cum on a girls face, the girl I’m with or on a porn site, I get turned on by the simple raw domination/submissiveness of it. There is, to be honest, some element of degradation in there also, but mixed up with the rest. Doesn’t matter if she is pretty or ugly. If she’s pretty, the site of cum on her face kind of reuces her to basic womanhood for me. If she is ugly, same thing – reminds me that she is stil a woman I can dominate and potentially fertilise. In fact one of the sexiest porn sets I have is of a pretty ugly mature Japanese woman getting plastered with her man’s cum. The obedience and respect she shows in milking him, receiving his cum and massaging her skin with it is nothing short of beautiful to me. I realise this is going to make a lot of women incandescent, but that’s how I feel.

  • People are not ignorant. It is one thing to perform these acts in private, behind closed doors where no one can see it, it is quite another to put it on television, make a movie out of it, spread it all over the internet. People who never thought to do such things now have them in their minds and want to do them! Pornography did more than just popularize it and make it the norm – it introduced things into the mind that were not previously there before. Don’t believe me? Just go back 50 years and see what people were doing, what they were watching. Follow it and see how it began with one small step..that shocked people at first…then repetition numbed them….and then they simply accepted what was before unacceptable. Pornography was given to us gradually and in different forms….it happened over generations…like music….Men are no longer crooning about love, no longer are they courting women, they are using graphic and explicit language and singing songs of LUST…. just like now they are setting the state in movies to desensitize us to pedophilia and pederasty and make us think it’s normal to molest a child. We’re already halfway there.

    You all can give it a nice sounding name if you want to but it is about degradation and humiliation. Sperm belongs in the vagina where it can make babies. It is not a mud pack or a cleansing cream
    it is NOT a facial and has no place on a woman’s face at all.

  • Of course you don’t share her feeling of being used. You’re a male. It is no secret that promiscuity and all kinds of lewd behavior is rampant in the “gay” community so what would you say?

    This has nothing to do with “emotional baggage” it has to do with respect. It has to do with boundaries, something you clearly do not have. How dare you come here and compare yourself and what you’ve experienced to a woman!!!! Bisexual or no your response is typical of…a male.

    You are NOT a woman. Just because some of us have boundaries (God-given boundaries) doesn’t mean we have “emotional baggage”. We’re not talking about “sexual experimentation” we’re talking about the depraved lusts of an immoral man who most likely has never thought about doing such a thing until he saw it in some porn flick. But that’s beside the point.



    Ask all those women who were formerly working in the porn industry how they feel about it. They will tell you that the men who watch them in porn movies send them emails asking the if they can ejaculate on their faces. These trifling “men” aren’t telling them how gorgeous they are and how their lovely face makes them want to ejaculate on it – the author sounds foolish even making such a stupid statement. These males aren’t asking them how they are doing or feeling. These men are driven by nothing but pure unadulterated lust and all they are thinking about is their own selfish gratification and all they are talking about are the explicit fornication acts that they watched these women perform. They are HELL-BENT on their own satisfaction and nothing more. They tell these women how much they enjoyed watching them swallow another man’s sperm and then tell them how much they want to ejaculate in their faces because of it.

    They watched these women being humiliated and degraded and they get off on it and then want to take the humiliation and degradation further into more and more debauchery. This all stems from porn. Just look at your own life…I’m sure there’s no limit to the acts you will perform, nothing you won’t try…like being bisexual. How long will that last do you think? How long before you say, bump women and just become…gay? And then what? Pederasty?

    Ask the ex porn stars what they feel because guess what…they’ve experienced it, they don’t like it and they have no respect for the men who engage in this gross behavior. Every testimony I read was filled with regret and disgust. Every story was laced with tales of being hit, kicked, punched – one young girl testified that a man STEPPED ON HER HEAD!! They told tales of being called horrilble names…RAPED….some talked of being BRUTALLY sodomized while their hair is being almost ripped out of their skull and when they complain of the pain he male director tells them to suck it up and finish filming or they wont get paid. These are the same men who ejaculate in their faces in porn movies. The directors tell them to do it.Don’t you tell me about pleasure, about “try it you might like it”. I KNOW WHAT I LIKE AND WHAT I DON’T AND I AM NOT ABOUT TO ALLOW A MAN TO USE ME OR HUMILIATE ME FOR HIS OWN SELFISH PLEASURE AT THE EXPENSE OF MY SELF-RESPECT.

  • This is foolishness and just one more post for people to try and change the way pornography is viewed so that they can make it accepted. Pornography is born of lust. Lust is selfish and always, always seeks it’s own gratification. No man wants to ejaculate on a woman’s face because he finds her attractive…on the contrary, if he had any love or respect for her he would not do anything to mar or disgrace that beauty. It is something that they have seen in pornography, it appeals to their sinful, depraved nature and they want to do it.

    If a man asks you to perform some act that is out of the ordinary, causes you pain (anal penetration – gross! The anus is a one-way street, NOTHING is supposed to go in there, ewww!, “deep throat” – listen to former porn stars who injured their throats by doing this) or anything that involves HIS twisted pleasure you can be sure that he has been watching porn and he is beyond the power of intimacy. He’s traded it for lust and you should run like the wind. Pornography always, always, always leads to deeper acts of depravity (Go and look up Ted Bundy’s final interview with Dr. James Dobson – his porn habit began with a magazine and went hardcore and led him right into serial killing as a result) because lust can never satisfy.


    Do not believe the hype. These people are likely plants from the industry who are being compensated to tell you these lies, and change your thought processes so that you will accept this disrespectful and gross act as normal and natural. One blog I was on talked about how ejaculating in a woman’s face was about a mans self-acceptance of his body. Since when do men have issues of self-acceptance about their bodies (all they care about is their organ anyway) and how come we’ve never read about this issue in GQ?

    If women come to accept this behavior as normal, If women allow themselves to be degraded in this fashion they have opened the floodgates to more and deeper degradation, humiliation and DEBAUCHERY than ever before and men will come to expect it from every woman. I would kill before I allow such a man to turn me into a whorish dog like himself. We don’t need to be trifling because a man is trifling, we need to banish him – and his lustful, disgusting thoughts and behavior from our presence.

  • alphamale69

    fucking gay queer kill yourself

  • powderedtoast

    I agree with the post. However, the discussion of facials always tends to have a huge blind-spot. That is that woman are not the only ones on the receiving end. I think we could learn a lot by considering bisexual and gay men’s views on this as well. As a bisexual man I personally love receiving facials. I share the same feeling as james’ wife, it makes me feel sexy, although I don’t share in her feeling of it making me feel “used”. I also know that it is very common among gay and bisexual men. Just go to any “men seeking men” section of Craigslist and you will see that it is very common for men to seek other men specifically to give them facials. Furthermore, I feel confident in saying that the same rule applies to facials as all other sex acts, it’s all about communication and trust. Naturally a person isn’t going to like a sex act if they feel violated. Sad to say many people haven’t reached a point in their relationships where they can feel open to sexual experimentation because they haven’t figured out their emotional baggage. But once you can open up to your partner and adequately express your mutual needs and desires you’d be surprised what you might end up liking.

  • Graziela Santos

    I think it can be fun and used for both sexes. Why not? And choose what? But misogynistic sex is not enjoyed by the vast majority of women. Unless the woman is into sadomasochism she will not enjoy to be slapped. Nothing against who enjoy SM. How about a porn that is equally satisfying for both parties? One that teachs both to please the other?

  • Why do we have to choose and why can’t porn be fun and useful to both sexes? I believe that most guys wouldn’t mind at all if the woman they are with would have join them and considered enjoying porn as well. From personal experience I know it can be quite fun.

  • Graziela Santos

    Totally agree with your response. What if women start to demand similar stuff from their partners? Because as you said, porn is all about male dominance and rarely about the women’s pleasure too. How would men feel if it was the woman only getting all the buz and leaving the man on the side?

  • Graziela Santos

    You said exactly what the problem is “female-centred porn”. Shouldn’t all porn be about two way pleasing, healthy and enjoyable for both parties? Or is there sex for women and sex for men? ” Male-centred porn” is appalling to women’s sexuality and unfortunately a lot of men are just falling for it. In turn, men into this kind of show are becoming really bad lovers to the real life women that they come in contact with.

  • h k

    There is female-centered porn with a good deal of kissing, fondling, foreplay around – you just have to seek it out.

  • Dogspeed

    The vids explanation is bogus. It’s about dominance & degradation. Just as some girls like the kic men in the nuts, it’s not because she likes his body. Both are the prime example of submission! And some people like this treatment too.

  • justin wittims

    Is this guy for real? Perfectly natural? Pretty sure cumming inside the girl is natural, everything else is debatable at best.
    There are varying levels of healthiness to this act, but I’ll say that you have to really trust the person and each side has to be knowing what is going on and why, and be on the same page. I used to do this to girls, and it was definitely a dominance, ownership thing, and I got a huge huge rush from it. The person above who referenced porn is totally right, The guys in porn are in complete control and are basically commanding the females to their sexual whims. This has definitely had an impact on the male general population’s psyche as it pertains to how they perceive themselves regarding sex, their own masculinity, and their relationship sexually with the other gender. To put it in short, it can and is used as an act of sexual aggression, and if the female is unaware of this or is being coaxed into thinking cumming on her face is the new blowjob, or that it indicates acceptance, she COULD be completely missing the boat. Guys like to live out fantasies of themselves, trust me, i know. I struck out quite a bit with a lot of the crushes in my life, despite being regarded as physically attractive. My “game” was pretty weak. Those failures led me to “use” some of the girls I didn’t have as strong feelings for to validate my masculinity and my abilities with females. Sure people use each other for sex all the time, but it doesn’t make it ok. The act of cumming on a girl’s face is quite a bit more straight forward in it’s self-titillating pleasure. But I’m not saying there isn’t a place for it in a healthy sexual relationship, I just wonder if most guys are ever really honest about why they want to do it, including when they are asked. Do they even know why themselves?

  • Graziela Santos

    You are right. Please men out there, tell me, if you had never seem it on porn, would the idea of cumming on faces, be a deep desire of yours? As a woman i find it gross and before anyone comes with the confidence speech, i can guarantee i am a very open mind that woman. The porn i watched, porn is very off putting to me, is all about the men. No pleasing sex for the woman. It is all about boob slapping, vulva spitting, face and mouth cumming. No foreplay. The men barely touch the women or give them any pleasure. Nothing more off putting than a guy who sits around with a hard pennis waiting to be pleased. And the guy is not even bothered to stimulate the woman so she has to do that herself.

  • John Johnson

    OK, agree to disagree 🙂

  • Of course, she doesn’t need to be a super model, but there has to be something about her face and who she is that’s attractive and appealing *to you* enough to want to cum on her face.

  • John Johnson

    Well, I would not want to cum on an ugly face, however, I would also not want to be doing anything sexual with an “ugly face.” So, a girl can be average looking and look cute and I’d still want to cum on her face. She doesn’t have to have a face of a supermodel. My point was that cuming on a girl’s face is like a psychological turn on, the part that is a turn is the thought of it not so much what the girl’s face looks like.

  • I very much agree with almost everything except the first sentence. Wanting to cum on a girl’s face has a lot to do with being attracted to her. Just ask yourself – would you want to cum on an ugly face? I doubt it.

  • John Johnson

    A guy wanting to cum on a girl’s face has absolutely nothing to do with him being attracted to her face. When a guy sees a girl who he finds himself attracted to, he wants to have sex with that girl, but he doesn’t think, “Oh, I want to cum on that girl’s beautiful face.” I think men’s desire to cum on women’s face comes from the fact that a rare, uncommon sexual act, that’s kinky and sort of taboo, and some people associate facials with pornography, at least the ignorant ones who don’t realize that everything that you see in porn are sexual acts that people have experienced for thousands of years. (You really think deep throating started after the 70’s film?) As for the man’s feeling of satisfaction, it comes from having a woman be so attracted to him, like him, and be so into him that she let’s him or better yet wants his cum all over her, including her face. Now there are some men that love giving facials no matter if their partner likes it or just puts up with it, and there are some women absolutely love facials no matter what. It’s like anal sex, some women think they’re doing the man a favor and some women love it. Some women reject it, some women ask for it. (Btw, if a man is willing to stick his penis or finger into the part of your body where poop comes out of to try something new and exciting, and explore new ways of pleasing each other….you’re welcome!) As fat as cum facials being degrading, humiliating, disgusting, gross, a sign of dominance….It can be all of the above. It is what you make it out to be depending on the situation. Some guys want it because to them it’s a sign of dominance and some girls want to feel submissive, some like it because it’s extremely hot and sexual, for some girls it’s a turn on seeing how much they turned the guy on, how hard he comes, and how much cum he shoots out. Would you rather have your guy come on the sheets, on a towel, or just come on the floor? Think about this, how would you feel if a guy is down on you, eating your pussy, and every time you get wet he grabs a towel and dries your wetness and when you get really wet and you’re about to come, he pulls away to avoid your wetness going all over his face? Or do you want him to keep licking until you cum really hard and at the end suck it all out of your pussy and lick your thighs and butt crack clean? Well, guess what, it goes all over his face too, all around his mouth and his chin, and if a guy has facial hair then it gets all in his beard and he had to wash it off. What, it’s okay because women’s cum is clear and men’s cum is white and visible, so, it’s a no-no??? So, why is a cum facial any less degrading, humiliating, and disgusting than anal sex, swallowing, analingus, pulling hair, and spanking? It’s what you make it out to be! It’s really the stigma behind cum facials. It’s just that some women are way too insecure to do something that’s make-believe degrading, and pseudo-humiliating. Facials can be fun, sexy, light-hearted sexual act as something new and exciting to spice up your sex life and strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Don’t make it out to be some disgusting, perverted thing!

  • Fantasy Maker

    I love giving huge, warm pov facials to women

  • That’s the right / healthy response. I am sure we, men, all wish more women took it this way. Of course, a woman sometimes can’t help how she feels about something like this, but you are indeed lucky that way.

  • james

    my wife loves it when I cum on her face or breasts, she says it makes her feel sexy and used (that’s her fantasy) Past girlfriends have requested that I do the same to them.I am a lucky guy.

  • CAl Gond

    For territory marks

  • Jake

    Guys want to cum on a girls face, because she lives the rest of her life exposing her face to the world, and she’ll forever have had that man’s cum on her face, or in her mouth, even when she’s kissing her kids or doing a presentation at work.

  • Wanting to cum on a woman’s body or face is perfectly natural and that’s why so many guys want to do it, whether with or without porn. Of course, this has to be consensual and if the woman doesn’t want it, then the guy has to decide how big of a deal it is to him.

  • Arkhane


    What you said is the silliest thing in the world, why would she accept everything from a man? So if her boyfriend wants to do anal she has to let him do it?
    Damn, I’m a dude, I find all this stuff about ejaculating on the body or the face humiliating and I blame porn for this kind of “wishes” from men.
    It might be funny if accidentaly the cum goes on either one’s face or body, we laugh, we wipe it off, it’s ok.
    But doing it on purpose?!

    And practicalh saying it’s a compliment, have he or she ever watched porn?

    If the man does it without warning her, sorry but it’s not acceptable.

  • Rue

    Again, you have failed to address most of what I actually said. That doesn’t surprise me.

    1. Porn is not ‘needed’ by anyone. To say men need porn is nonsensical. Men need food, water and air. I will however agree that it is enjoyed more by them…because it is made by them for them. However, the number of women consuming porn is rising and rising, and would be higher if the industry realised that their target audience could be much, much larger. I don’t know what ‘female porn’ is, but if you think that the opposite of male-centric porn is gentleness and soft lighting then you don’t know female desires. I and many other women love Bound Gangbangs, there is nothing soft or gentle about wgat Princess Donna does there. What female viewers would prefer is to see the male actor more often, to hear him more often (less of the obviously fake squeaking, please) and more REAL female pleasure. Female pressure is as visible as a hard on, that would be more convincing that the squeaking.

    2. Women don’t particularly enjoy stuffing their mouths full of cock either but male pleasure is soooooo important that we are expected to do it and do it like a pornstar AND enjoy it! I didn’t say it was necessarily kinky. I said it was about humiliation, degradation, control and power. Nothing wrong with that, totally kinky when consensual, abuse when not. Let’s just be honest about it.

    3. Ummm….6 comments total. Three of them you. So well done. You know 3 other sexist idiots. If you’d know 100 000 it would have proven nothing except the fact that we have a problem with the way women are viewed. Despite it being 2016. And we do. I wonder, do you possibly have a correlating list of things men do that kill our lady boners and stop us coming back for more? Maybe I’m being unfair. There is indeed a lot of petty and hateful stuff on here about women but perhaps you are an equal opportunities bigot and I’ve just missed all the misandristic stuff. I’m pretty mild mannered mostly. I kid, I’m really not. But I’ll speak to you the same way face to face or here. No point saying something that you don’t believe with conviction. That’s cowardly.

  • The effects of porn on men’s behavior and the way they treat women is an important topic, but that goes far beyond the scope of this article. Maybe that’s something I could address in the future. The reason porn is so male centric is because men obviously enjoy and need porn more. Now, there is a rise in female porn – a more gentle porn with more attractive people, softer sexual acts, romantic settings, etc (i.e. Dane Jones, Passion HD, etc.).

    It’s true that many guys don’t go down on women. I think the real reason is because they don’t really enjoy it and they only do it if they want a bj in return. I would think that other guys, like myself, don’t care for a woman to reciprocate. Going down on a woman pleases me very much on its own.
    Cumming on a woman’s face is hardly kinky.
    With regard to the “10 reasons” article – the fact that the reasons make you angry and that you disagree with them, doesn’t change the reality – that these reasons exist. Just look at all the comments from guys who seem to be very well relate. Whether the reasons are fair or unfair is a different issue entirely. And your defensive/offensive tyrade does not change that. With regard to the latter part – I am quite fascinating by the american style of communication. Why are people so overly polite and courteous with each other in person (i.e. after you, take your time, please, how are you?). Yet they spill so much hate in their blog and Youtube comments. I am not necessarily talking about you. You are mild in comparison to others, at least based on your comments so far. Is the reason people are so harsh when they are behind the screen precisely that – that they have to suppress their real feelings in their daily lives, since it’s not appropriate to be real in face to face interaction all that often (probably in California more so than in other places.

  • Rue

    I’m not going to address most of what is essentially a non reply. First off, of course marking a girl doesn’t actually make her your property. The same as me putting on wings doesn’t make me a fairy. It’s about the fantasy. And such a base one too. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We are animals after all. And I’m all for doing sexy things that feel good, as long as they’re consensual. As someone who indulges, with unabashed enthusiasm, in kink you will not find disagreement there. But because of this love of kink, this love of indulging in the ‘weird’, I have spent a lot of time examining the ‘whys’ behind certain sexual activity. Kinksters generally do because it matters even more to us. When you are a feminist and a submissive all at one you spend a lot of time questioning. All I want is honesty. Let’s just be honest about why we do things, why we like things, why certain things turn us on. It’s a lot simpler and a lot more people will be happy.

    50 years ago 1 in 2 sexual encounters didn’t end with “can I come on your face?”. What worries me is where this rise comes from. Porn. And that worries me because porn is hideously male-centric. It invariably portrays men in the dominant role controlling all of the action. It portrays women as submissive and there solely to please the male actor, and thus the male viewer. It marginalises female pleasure and glorifies the male orgasm to the point where a woman should apparently be proud to wear it, without ever mentioning the female orgasm (cunnalingus rarely lasts more than 30 seconds compared to the 20 minutes to fallatio!). That’s why many men on one night stands think it’s appropriate to refuse to go down on a girl but will think it’s okay to say ‘can I come on your face?’. Logic fail much? My point is, like as not, porn is powerful in breeding the whole ideas about sex and these are bring carried through into the real world. It’s also pervasive and too easily accessible. Many people have their first experiences of sex this way these days.

    And why not, for a second, examine the fact that the same action when performed by a woman (squirting on a man’s face) is called Fem Dom? It is portrayed as humiliating and degrading. So why not the same when it’s a man doing it?

    I’ve actually realised, upon reading some of your other posts, that I’m wasting time and brain power.

    “Ten Mistakes Women Make in Bed That Push Men Away (Guest Posting)”

    Are you serious? And number 1 is to try to pressure women into having sex that they clearly don’t want to have. Personally, if he doesn’t call me back because for whatever reason I ended up feeling uncomfortable with the idea of having sex, even after taking off all my clothes, then I’ve dodged a great big fucking bullet. It shows he was only interested in one thing, and if he is he can go and find it somewhere else. I’ve had this encounter, and they’ve called me again. Because they weren’t just interested in my lady bits, just like I wasn’t just interested in their gentleman bits.

    The rest of the list is the same bullshit, trying to pressure women into having sex that they don’t want to have, or shaming women for stupid and superficial things. I’d really like to know how often it is too that the guy is the one left hanging….

    Ps. Number 6? How fucking stupid. It is one thing not to mock someone’s fetishes, I agree it would be nice if people didn’t do this. It’s another to have to be grateful that someone is pushing their fetishes on you. If we were having sexy, kinky times and I confessed a deep love of pegging….should you then have to not only partake but have to be grateful as I slide my giant black strap on up your ass? Should you have to be grateful that, I’m your own words, “I wanted to do that for YOU”?

  • This has nothing to do with marking any girl. I am not even sure what “marking” means. It’s not like marking a girl makes her a guy’s property. There is no shame in liking things that are pleasurable and consensual. I think most guys would agree that cumming inside a vagina is on the top of their list, but this is not about comparing what’s better or what’s worse. It’s an additional/different aspect of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Maybe for some guys facializing a girl is meant to be degrading, but there are plenty of guys for whom it’s not. In fact, for many guys to be able to do this – they have to feel comfortable enough with the woman and actually like her enough.

  • Rue

    Oh please. What you didn’t write, but was so clear in the fact that you couldn’t come up with any reason (not even the crappy ‘we want you to accept all of us because we are so self conscious about our penises’ one) is that you like marking these girls. That’s what it’s about. The other examples you used, such as a hand job or a blow job, are pleasurable. That’s why you like them. Cumming inside a vagina is always going to feel better than on a face so your logic clearly flops. Facials are meant an act of loving respect. They are degrading.

  • I suppose this depends on the reasons why you don’t like it. If you are physically disgusted by the act or generally it’s a turn off to you, and the guy absolutely insists on that, then it’s a problem. If, however, the reason you don’t like it is because of the negative meaning you attribute to it, then you should re-evaluate and try to understand that when the guy wants to come on your face, it is a compliment to you.

  • katie saidthings

    what… why. that’s the silliest thing in the world. If you have a healthy relationship with someone, why wouldn’t you want to please them sexually?… let em cum on your face, in your mouth wherever it’s just cum! And if a little bit of cum is a bigger deal to you than a relationship(based on how you responded it was)…well… who’s got the issue.

    I for one would be grateful he’s not into piss play and get on with my day.

  • Tiffany New

    As a woman, this is completely humiliating to me. I’ve had it done and was mortified. It didn’t make me feel like he liked me at all and it ruined our sex life. I couldn’t stand to look at h after what he had done and broke up with him.

  • I am glad to hear this, and that's exactly how we guys, see this. Now, I can't help but wonder – are there any guys out there who don't like cumming on a girl's face? And if so, what does it say about them?

  • maria-e

    This must be the boldest article on this site or any other dating site. I think whether a girl likes it or not when a guy cums on her face says a lot about her sexuality and her ability to be in touch with herself and her ability to open up and submit to a guy she likes and wants to be with. If a guy, who likes me, and who I really like, wants to come on my face – I am delighted. The more, the merrier. 😉 The more of him I get on my face, the more I know he wants me. Is there a bigger compliment, at least sexually?