One Critical Tip On The Right Way To Attract Women With Humor

attract women with humorWhen it comes to using humor to attract the women you meet and are interested in, timing is as important as in anything else. Being witty and cracking jokes is as much¬†when as it is about what you are actually saying. ¬†Many dating advice sources encourage men to be funny and use humor to attract women. I couldn’t agree more – humor is important to attracting a woman on so many levels. But few of these dating guys tell guys when they should be funny in order to enhance mutual interest and attraction.

The timing of being funny with women¬†is critical. When you meet¬†a girl for the first time, you want to make sure that after you break the ice with whatever you said to start¬†your conversation with her, or on a first date, you first establish that you are an interesting person first before you are being funny. Otherwise, if you start cracking jokes right away, you will be at a serious risk of coming across as a clown or a goofy buddy, rather than a potential romantic partner / lover. And just because she is laughing at your jokes, doesn’t mean that it will translate into romantic and sexual interest.

You want to show your serious side first, and then say something witty/funny in a non-chalant way, when appropriate and relevant. This is because a joke from someone who has already established himself as a smart and interesting person would have much more impact that the same joke from someone who has been goofy and acting too much like a clown before that. If the woman you are talking to has a sharp sense of humor, she might just burst out laughing, not only because what you said was funny but also because it was so unexpected in the context of how you were speaking previously.

Imagine a woman complaining about her previous boyfriend and how she wasn’t happy with him at one point in your conversation with her. You first tell her seriously that she should not be upset about the break-up but instead should celebrate the fact that she has been liberated from a relationship that she didn’t enjoy all that much and that she should be excited about all the opportunities she now has meeting and dating better men. Then, she tells you that one of the reason she wasn’t happy with her ex was because he wasn’t big enough below the belt, and he was very insecure about it.¬† Then, you respond with a totally serious face: “Well, you have to be happy and grateful with what you have. I am perfectly happy with my three inches. Sure, sometimes I can’t find it, but that’s what microscope and tweezers are for” or something¬†silly like that. Or you could make a sad¬†face and say “that’s funny, because I just broke up with my boyfriend too.”¬† That should¬†be very entertaining to¬†any woman, except the most uptight ones, who can’t take any joke, let alone a sexual one.

There is probably no more impressive combination of qualities in a man’s personality that being able to be serious and interesting while also being able to inject humor into the same conversation in a witty and entertaining way. Just make sure that when you are being witty and funny, you also don’t forget to be smart and interesting, as the former without the latter might make you look goofy or even worse – a clown, and this is something you surely want to avoid. Also, err on the side of being funny less of than you would like to, at least in the early stages of your interaction with a woman, and especially on a first date. Even though humor has so many benefits to it, it’s one major natural downside is that it takes tension and mystery out of the situation. Humor relaxes any situation. It’s ok to be relaxed but you don’t want your interaction with a woman you just met or on that first date to be too relaxed and too casual.

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10 years ago

Thanks alot A! Im with you .

But here is another thing. i really want to take this relationship as "Friends with benefits thing ". In a "light" & romantic way , where no strings are attached.

So if u could answer, how can you make other person understand , what you actually want, from a relationship ? ( without making them hurt ofcourse )

& please also consider the 'friends with benifts' thing in ur upcoming article . thanks again. ūüôā

student and teacher
student and teacher
10 years ago

What if you actually only have 3 inches LOL

10 years ago

The problem is that she will be telling the same complaint about you to the next chump she’s ready to dig her man-hating stilettos into.