Eye Contact With Men – Your Most Poweful Way of Attracting Guys

eye-contact-flirting-with-guysYou don’t need to buy another dating and relationship guide to meet more guys. You don’t need another subscription to a Cosmo or a similar magazine. You don’t even need to set up another dating profile on another dating or matchmaking site. You don’t need to attend another speed dating event, and you don’t need to use another expensive matchmaking service, but there is something you can do that’s completely free and so simple, yet so important to your ability to meet and attract men – it’s your eye contact with men.

The very first, the most important, and ironically the most¬†basic step you can make toward meeting more and better men (assuming that you are physically fairly attractive or above) is having and radiating a more friendly energy through your eye contact with men, body language and your other mannerisms. Just look around you when you walk down the street or go to a store or a coffee shop or any other place outside of bars and clubs. Do women look happy during the day time? Do they look friendly? Do they look like they are open to being talked to and being approached by men? Do they make eye contact with men? Ask yourself – would you¬†dare approaching and talking to any of them if you were a guy, without being concerned about interrupting their business and being rejected or downright¬†shut down? These women¬†can use all the excuses in the world as to why they look so unapproachable and so preoccupied all the time – stressful job, busy schedule, school, family and other personal problems, etc… But, those excuses, as valid as they may be, will not change the bottom line – these women look extremely unapproachable and very few, if any, guys will dare to “bother” them in typical casual, daytime situations.

Making eye contact with men will make you stand out very clearly from the majority of women out there. It should be so easy for you to¬†look at those unfriendly, tough looking women around you and to act differently. Your eye contact with¬†men¬†can and should be the first step that you take toward looking¬†friendlier and more approachable. That doesn’t mean you should be smiling at and hugging every guy you see. However, an eye contact with a guy you find intriguing or attractive,¬†and a simple casual “hi” when someone new approaches your immediate surroundings can go a long way to making you feel better about being social, and will significantly increase your chances of meeting more and better men?

Why “better” you are asking? Well, the thugs and the creeps can approach any woman without much fear or reservations. They don’t really care if she looks friendly or unfriendly, and whether she makes any eye contact. They can always whistle or throw in a sexual innuendo come-on or a corny pick-up line. Since their come-ons are ignored most of the time, they don’t really expect you to respond at all, let alone respond positively to their lame advances.

It so happens, that it’s the professional, the educated, the intelligent, and the otherwise accomplished guys are the ones who are looking for the right energy in a woman before they can and will approach her. Call it ego, or insecurity (or maybe both) but that’s¬†just how it is. These kinds of guys need some kind of invitation to approach you and¬†your eye contact¬†is one of the best way to¬†invite someone to come up and talk to you.¬†Even the most shy guy will likely approach a woman who looks friendly, and who makes a subtle but clear eye contact with him.

It doesn’t cost anything to make eye contact with men and to¬†look and act a little more friendly than an average woman. However, the results might just surprise you and exceed your expectations sooner than you think. While no one can promise¬†that you will meet that Mr. Right that will be your lifetime partner or when it will happen, there is no doubt that the amount of opportunities you will have with men will increase exponentially once you start making eye contact with the men around you.¬†It will also not be limited to just those few hours that you spend at a bar on a Fri/Sat night.

For more useful dating advice for women, check out “What You Wish You Knew About Men“.

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9 years ago

This doesn’t really say how to meet quality men; it just says how to attract MORE men. A man that needs more of a guarantee that he’ll be successful is afraid of failure, and I would want a stronger man, willing to go out on a limb. City girls get bombarded by bums, crazies and perverts if we walk around smiling all day. Read the body language after the approach – is your introduction met with a smile? Conversation? If not, don’t pursue. And don’t get all hurt. Get back up on that horse and be on the lookout for more opportunity elsewhere.

student and teacher
student and teacher
9 years ago

I agree 100%.

When I approach women (I am a guy), I don’t look for the woman who looks the most like a model. Sure, physical attraction is important, but the main thing I look for is the vibe that they give off. If a girl is smiling, in a good mood, and generally looked like she’s NOT edgy or defensive, I would approach her. I’m a positive person and I want positivity in a woman. The last thing I want is to hear “go away” or to be ignored.

You said it best, Arkady, practically the only people who would approach a woman who doesn’t look cordial is a creep who is so desperate that he is clueless about body language.

Also, some more tips for women. Avoid sunglasses whenever possible. Eye contact is important in conversation. Also, don’t stay constantly glued to listening to your ipod, texting or making phone calls, because you could be missing out on quality men.