How to Overcome A Woman’s Sexual Past (Video)

One of the more challenging issues you might be dealing with, if you started dating a woman you really like, is handling her sexual past, if you found out at some point, to your great surprise, that her previous sex life was way more colorful than you ever thought. And, of course, the more you like the girl, the harder it is to deal with knowing that she did something wild that’s really hard for you to accept in her, because you started thinking so highly of her. The video below will provide you a few useful tips on how to deal with this issue and how to overcome that woman’s sexual past:

An ironic situation you can find yourself in is casually dating a woman who you know used to be promiscuous, and promising to yourself that you won’t allow it to turn to anything serious because of who she is, but then ending up developing feelings for that woman anyway. After all, we can’t tell our heart how to feel about someone, and we can’t predict how we are going to end up feeling about someone months later. So, what do you do in this situation – do you push that woman away just because of her past?

I don’t think that breaking up would be necessarily the right decision for you or her. This is because a women’s sexual past doesn’t give you the whole picture about who she is. While some women are irreparably harmed by sleeping with too many guys, others actually become wiser by learning about themselves, about what does and what doesn’t make them happy, and where they want to go now as far as their love life goes. In some way it’s similar to criminals – some end up in jail over and over, falling deeper and deeper into the dark side, while others learn a lesson, to through rehab and in many ways become stronger and smarter than others who have never gone through the same process.

This means that you should consider the woman you are dating and your feelings toward her on an individual basis and not let any strict rules or generalization govern that relationship. Different women, make different choices and different mistakes throughout their life for different reasons, just like men do. It’s easy to just label a girl as a slut, but it’s hardly the right way to go about things. For some women, sleeping around is part of growing up and going through all kinds of transitions, ranging from domestic problems, to peer pressure or simple curiosity and exploration.

So, put any ideas you have about a woman who slept with too many guys in the past and evaluate your relationship with her based on far more reliable indicators. Specifically, the time you spend with her and what you have learned about her. This will tell you so much more about who she is know than her past, which you may or may not fully understand.

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