What If He Doesn’t Like Going Down On You

(Last Updated On: 02/05/2019)
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If you met a guy who you really like, who you get along with and you might even strike you as a perfect relationship and life partner, if he doesn’t give you want you want sexually, sooner or later you will have to think about it and talk about it. One such issue could be dealing with a guy who refuses to go down on you. This can force you face dilemma – what should do? – How should you handle this type of problem? Below are a few points that should help you find the right approach:

First, there is no way around it. You have to talk about it and encourage your guy to be honest about his feelings and his emotional desires. Does he not like going down on women in general, or it’s you that you treats “differently”? If the latter is correct, then why isn’t he as “generous” with you specifically – is it because he is not attracted to you that way? Or perhaps he doesn’t like the odor you have down there?

Once you find out what the problem is, you have to ask yourself whether there is a solution, and whether it’s a realistic one. For instance, taking care of any bad odor is as easy as washing yourself more thoroughly and taking other simple hygienic measures. However, if the guy is simply not into that or he doesn’t want to do that to you, then finding a solution is unlikely. In that case, you have to ask yourself – how important is this part of your (sex) life to you.

I personally am not a big fan of settling for less than what you know you want and what makes you happy sexually, especially at a younger age, when sex is so important, and when not getting what you want in bed more often than not leads to all kinds of other seemingly unrelated problems. Thus, if a woman were to break up with the guy just because he doesn’t go down on her, I couldn’t really judge her. However, this is a very personal decision that every woman must make for herself, balancing her own needs, fantasies, preferences, and whether that man’s good and attractive qualities make up for this “deficiency.” No one can decide for her whether compromising on oral sex is the right thing to do for her.

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