Does Your Make-Up Make You Look More Or Less Attractive To Men?

too much make-upOver the past few years I noticed a clear trend  – women use more and more make-up and beauty products than ever before. This is true in both, my local community, and in other places that I travel to. It’s safe to assume that the purpose of “beauty” products is to make a woman look more attractive. However, if you a are a single woman, using too much make up can hurt the way you look and your image in two major ways:

First, a thick layer of make-up makes you look less “alive” and far less approachable to men. It’s hard for an average guy to come up and strike up a conversation with a woman who looks like a mannequin, or who looks like she is way too vain and way too much into her appearance. Secondly, using too  much make up, along with false eye lashes, mascara, lip liner, etc… can also make you look like an overly sexed-up porn star. While this might good look on a cover of a magazine, the reality is that in real life, having that type of look will make it hard for men to take you seriously and to think of you as anything other than a sex object. This is especially true about women who are already attractive even without using much make up.

Look at the picture in this article. Clearly, this is way too much make-up and we don’t even know what this woman really looks like. And, if it’s respect from men that she is looking for, this type of make-up is very unlikely to bring that to her. This issue is very, very common. Just go to Instagram and it will only take you a few moments to find plenty of pictures of women of all ages whose make says all the wrong things about them. And the fact that it’s very common and popular doesn’t make it right or attractive. The key to using make up the right way is moderation and subtlety, especially if you are already attractive and you naturally have a nice skin. in a way that would flatter you is simple.


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