Why Women Have One Night Stands

why women have one night standsOver the past few months I have done¬†one interesting research. First, I found 25 women between the ages of 25 and 40 who actually had one or more one-night stands during the past 10 years, where they were the ones who actually wanted it to be¬†a one-night stand and where they didn’t expect anything more from the guy that they slept with. All of the women had at least 2 years of college education¬†or more. I asked all of those women two questions:¬†1. Why di you have those¬†one night stands? and¬†2. What do you believe are the most common reasons that women choose to have one nights stands based on your own experience and on your experience talking with other women?¬†Those women answers did not surprise me, and here are the results of this research:

1. Women Have One Night Stands Due to Emotional Vulnerability

The vast majority¬†of women agreed that the most likely reason that woman would have a one night stand is because she is in¬†emotionally¬†vulnerable¬†or is otherwise in a bad state of mind, and she needs validation from any guy that he is being wanted. Some of the common reasons for this are being on a “rebound” after¬†breaking¬†up with their boyfriend or getting out of a difficult divorce and trying to do whatever it takes to forget ¬†the guy.

The other possible reason for this¬†fragile emotional state is¬†having a serious argument or a fight¬†with the guy a woman loves where the guy would really hurt her feelings by saying that he doesn’t really care about her, among other ¬†things, which will push her in the direction of finding someone who might care more.

A woman’s frustration might translate into jumping in bed with a random guy out of revenge when finding out that their partner has cheated on them, so they have to do the same to him in order to¬†teach him a lesson or show him what it feels like being cheated on.

Finally, some women who get out of years of unhappy marriage are eager to have fun, experiment, date around and “make up” for that time that they couldn’t do all this because they were in¬†a committed relationship.

2. Women Have One Night Stands Due to Being Horny and Also Feeling that There Can Be No Serious Future with the Guy

The second¬†most common¬†reason for these¬†one night stands is¬†being horny and also¬†being physically attracted to the guy they meet, but at the same time knowing that, for whatever reasons, there will be no future between her and the guy she is interested in sleeping with. Perhaps its his age, his family situation, race, logistics (if she is traveling or he is just visiting in town), or lack of education, ambition or any kind of potential¬†for professional¬†accomplishments.¬†In that case, the woman has no incentive of getting to know the guy and try to make their interaction special before they have sex. On the contrary, she would want to have sex with that guy as soon as possible, get that “fix” and move on as soon as possible after she gets what she wants physically, so she can focus on other aspects of her life or even other guys who she is or might be interested in pursuing a serious relationship with.

3. Women Have One Night Stand Due to Being Drunk or Otherwise Intoxicated

The third most common reason that women have one night stands is being intoxicated and not really knowing or not wanting to know what they are doing. Alcohol (and traveling to a distant city or country) gives a woman an excuse to do something she wanted sexually but would have felt guilty about doing sober. Blaming questionable sexual encounters and one-night stands on alcohol is somewhat socially acceptable in our culture, and therefore alcohol is used as a “facilitator” for having casual sex.

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9 years ago

Women have one night stands if they think that they can get away with being slutty and they think that nobody in their social circle will find out about it.