“Strictly Sexual” – A One-Night Stand Sometimes Turns Into True Love

strictly sexualHaving watched the movie “Strictly Sexual” has reminded me of something I learned quite a few years ago. Falling in love doesn’t always happen the same way. Sometimes you don’t plan on developing feelings, and you deliberately  try to keep your relationship casual, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t end up falling in love with that person anyway. You can’t plan on how you are going to feel as time goes by, and as you spend more time with each other. This works both ways. People swear to love each other forever after at a wedding ceremony to only separate a year or even less later. On the other hand, people who keep assuring each other and themselves that they don’t want anything serious sometimes end up madly falling in love with each other and dating for years.

The other important point that this movie makes is that no matter how physically attractive and feminine a woman is, if she doesn’t know what she is doing in bed with her body, mouth, hands, etc., the guy she is with is not going to want to be with her.

The arguments between the partners that you can see in this movie can also be food for thought for many couples in a relationship. Perhaps when you watch this movie, you can see yourself in some of the behaviors on the screen and ask yourself how you feel about it when you see the same kind of exhibition of anger or frustration in someone else.

Finally, the movie reminds us that just because the relationship started as a potential one-night stand doesn’t mean that it cannot grow into something bigger, if the two people decide to get to know each other better later.  Therefore, if you a girl who end up in bed much sooner than you were planning with the guy you met and liked, it doesn’t automatically mean that you can have no future together, especially if your sexual encounter was intense and memorable.

I would not necessarily consider this to be a great movie, and I could see how one would think of it as your typical, cheesy, unrealistic Hollywood production, but I still think it’s worth watching because of all the humor and the funny dialogues in it, because how realistic many of the parts of this movie are, and because of the above important points it makes about love, dating and sex.

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