How Your Nuturing Behavior Can Attract the Right Guy

nurturing women are attractive to menThe other day I had dinner with my friend and his girlfriend. They have been dating for just over a year. She was feeding him, but… not across the table, like you would normally see couples do, but by sitting right next to him really closely and wrapping the arm that was feeding him around him, like a mother would do to a child who is sitting on her lap. I found the scene to be so intimate and so full of simple yet intense affection. The girl is middle-eastern. I couldn’t help but wonder if this kind of behavior toward the guy she is with is in her culture or something she saw her parents do when she was growing up.

I know that I don’t see this kind of scene very often, and I can also imagine why something this small would make the guy really like the girl and think of her as special. You may think that she was some kind of subservient housewife, but she was actually an executive at a major bank. She is a classic example of a professional woman who is both successful and independent financially and at the same time giving and nurturing as a female. Spoon feeding my friend was just one example of her attractive, feminine behavior.

A woman can show her nurturing quality in many ways. Holding, touching, eye contact, fixing a guy’s tie, and cooking are common examples, but even such little things as a text that says: “When are you coming home? I am waiting for you.” or “I miss you” or “I cooked your favorite dish for you and it’s getting cold, so you better get here soon”  can feel just as nurturing to the guy. Of course, not every guy will appreciate this kind of behavior, but if the guy you are dating likes you already and he is actually looking to settle, this kind of behavior is going to send a strong message that you are special, you are more feminine than others, and you might be a “keeper”.

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