Women Cheat for Different Reasons Than Men

(Last Updated On: 05/08/2015)

why-women-cheatBoth men and women cheat on their relationship partners and spouses, even though infidelity has historically been far more common among men. However, the reasons for cheating between men and women are often very different. Men almost always cheat for the same reason –  they met someone who they found very attractive and sexually desirable, they had an opportunity to have sex with her and they acted on it – as simple as that. Men’s cheating most often has little, if anything, to do with the quality of the relationship they are in. Even if everything is absolutely fine between him and his girlfriend or a wife, and even if he loves her very much, that still doesn’t mean that he is not tempted to have an affair, however short lived it might be. This is exactly why I find it ridiculous when someone like Dr. Phil tries to psycho-analyze unfaithful guys in his shows, diagnosing them with various psychological disorders and digging into their childhood issues in an attempt to explain what lead them to cheat on their partner. Dr. Phil and alike would talk about every reason that men cheat except the most obvious one – he was horny, she was hot, and he went for it. I suppose no one wants and likes to hear the truth.

Even though women can also cheat because of being horny and just wanting badly to have sex, more often than not women become for other reasons, the most common of which are these three:

Women Cheat Because of Arguments / Fighting  in a Relationship

If a woman doesn’t get the emotional support she needs from her partner, and if she doesn’t feel close to him, she will likely be seeking that kind of support and intimacy from other men. Emotional support and sex go hand in hand. If a woman constantly argues with her partner instead of sharing things with each other that bring them closer, she will feel more and more distant from him, and there is a real possibility that her random personal conversations with some guys she regularly sees at work, at a gym, or at her local lunch place will turn into more.  It’s not a rarity for a woman to run to her ex or to some other guy who adores her after having a huge fight with her current partner. What starts as sharing her relationship troubles over coffee or a drink with an ex or a trusted friend later turns into making out and much more.

Women Cheat Because of Bad Sex or No Sex with Their Partner

No matter how often you would hear women say that sex isn’t everything in a relationship and it isn’t all that important to them, the truth is that sex is only not important to women as long as they have it with their boyfriend or husband. Once, he stops trying – an alarm goes in a woman’s head, making her worry  and wonder why he no longer tries to pursue her sexually and seduce her – is it because he lost interested in her? Is he cheating? Is he watching too much porn?

Every woman wants to be perceived as beautiful and desirable. She wants to be wanted. If her partner doesn’t want her, and someone else starts paying attention to her and communicating to her in so many ways that she is hot and sexy, she will be flattered and the temptation to act on those compliments and submit to the guy who desires her will be great. Every woman, except those who are frigid, wants to be touched.

Women Cheat Out of Boredom

Every successful guy who is proud of being able to fully provide for his girlfriend or wife without her working or occupying her time with school, children, etc., should remember that bored people, including bored women with too much free time on their hands, start looking for “action” in all the wrong places. Something as innocent as taking walks, shopping, etc., throughout the day with no set schedule and no places to be will lead to casual interactions with men, where one thing would lead to another before you know it and before she knows it.

I am sure I missed a few important reasons here, so feel free to suggest additional reasons in your comments below.

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