How to Truly Beat The Fear of Approaching Women

beat the fear of approaching womenI have never really accepted that fear of rejection, which so many people blame for preventing men from having the guts to approach women is in fact the main reason that guys are afraid to come up and talk to women. In my other articles, I discussed other reasons that men have a hard time approaching, starting conversations and meeting women.

However, another, rarely mentioned but very significant reason that approaching women is such a serious challenge for so many guys is that they simply don’t know enough about women – their thought process and their behavior. It’s hard to connect or even have a courage to connect with something or someone you don’t know much about. A woman’s behavior – from the way a woman walks and talks, to her demeanor and body language is a mystery to many guys. It’s hard to approach and attract a woman if you don’t know what she wants and what she wishes to avoid. ¬†Reading even a thousand books about women is not going to convince you that what these books say is true and that it applies to the women you meet, given your age, location, and social status. You might have read a dozen books about starting conversations with women. Did that make it any easier to approach and meeting women? I doubt it.¬†¬†There is simply no better way of¬†demystifying¬†women than having a first-hand experience learning about them. Therefore, if you want to truly liberate yourself from perceiving women as these mysterious, scary creatures and eliminate your fear of approaching and meeting women, it is essential that you meet, interact and/or observe as many women as possible of any age and in any context regardless of how attractive they are and regardless of whether you are interested in them romantically, in order¬†to simply have more exposure to the opposite sex. Whether interacting with women at work, at school, or simply observing how and what women are talking about when they are out even if you don’t have any interest in them, will make you realize that although every woman is a unique individual, they seem to be concerned with and talking about the same things when it comes to dating, relationships and men. Many single women complain that even though they keep meetings guys, these are not the guys the interested in. They are being frustrated with being lonely and with going on on bad dates with guys who are either too boring or too sexually aggressive or both. They don’t appreciate the fact that many of the men they meet don’t have goals or direction in life. Quite a few women out there complain that the men are too passive and they don’t make a move when they should.

After you hear the above stories over and over from a large number of women, women’s behavior at any stage of your interaction with them will be more clear and more understandable to you. Their body language and behavior will tell you more than ever before about who they are, whether they are single and whether they are open to meeting men. Instead of thinking of someone as stuck up or not interested, you will realize that they are probably shy and are even more afraid to talk to a stranger than you are. ¬†Instead of thinking that just because a woman is not all over you as soon as you started talking to her she is not interested, you will naturally realize that she is apprehensive of you only because she met so many lame guys before she met you and this is her way to ensuring that you are not one of them. Finally, instead of believing that attractive women have all the power because they choose who to date and who to have sex with, you will know that these women don’t want to have sex and be with just anyone, but they want a guy who is special – who they connect with, and that’s not that easy to find for any woman in any place in the world.

Invest an effort into getting to know a female kind and it will benefit your ability to approach and meet women in more ways than you might think today.

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10 years ago

I have to admit that as a man I have great difficulty in uderstanding women. I do infact interact with various women regulary. However, I still struggle to understand them. I am very sensetive and emotinal person but also cursed with the “logical” disease than men suffer from. I try my best to understand women. However when I ask one of them out on a date I always get the reply “I like you as a friend”. You ladies got to decide what you want. I agree that I might not be the most exiting person but I may judge you in the same way. Why is it always up to men to measure to all your “idealic” but not realistic expectations (not to be “boring”, must be “funny”, prefferbally “rich” and so on). I also have to say that you women got to stop judging a man by who your friends will take to them, your friend should accept him if they are true friends.
What is wrong with a man that is caring, loving and who does not except cheating. You women want everything from the man. Just for your information there are NO PERFECT MAN or WOMAN the knight in his shining armour is gone centuries ago and the prince is already spoken for.

Ivan Dyn
Ivan Dyn
10 years ago

great advice! It's vital to interact with many women to learn about them. I must add that one big mistake that guys make (and mostly because they can't help it) is to analyze everything on a logical level. The best way to understand a woman is on an EMOTIONAL level. Women live based on their emotions. That's why mastering your emotions and raising your emotional intelligence is such an important part of this development for guys.