How To Avoid Awful, Boring Dates Where He / She Doesn’t Ask You Any Questions

boring dateNot being asked any questions about yourself on a date is one of the most common complaints today by both men and women. This is understandably a frustrating behavior, if you are hoping to establish some kind of connection with whoever it is you are out. Understanding what causes this behavior will point you in the right direction toward at least one effective solution. The are usually the same three  reasons your date would not be asking you any questions about yourself: 
(a) they are not interested in you; or, they are not that interested, i.e. not interested enough to care to get to know you better;    
(b) your date might or might not be interested in you, but they are really lacking in social skills or even completely clueless about how to get to know another person due to lack of practice or being out of the game for a long time. They don’t even realize that they are not asking any questions and they are not aware of the fact that their behavior kills that date.
(c) the most likely reason that your date wouldn’t be asking you any questions these days, especially if you meet someone online, is general apathy and absence of excitement about dating which translate into low effort or no effort behavior on dates. This happens due to swiping for too long, matching with too many people, texting too many guys or girls, and going out on too many (pointless) dates. Like in just about every other aspect of life, excitement and motivation fade once you do the same thing over and over far too many times and for far too long.   
So, how can you avoid or at least increase your chances of avoiding going on such bad dates?
It’s very simple. As soon as you meet someone online or in real life, pay attention to their behavior. If their initial conversation, or dating profile, or text message with you convey indifference, they are not going to be any more engaging when you go out on a date. Insist on speaking on the phone and hearing each other’s voice before you go out on a date. That conversation should be fun and engaging enough for you to want to go out with that person. And, if that conversation is blah, there is no reason to go on that date.

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