Five Simple Steps Toward Becoming a More Attractive Woman to Men

(Last Updated On: 12/03/2017)

becoming a more attractive womanHere are five simple, practical and effective steps that every woman can take to become more attractive and desirable to men:

1. Lose Weight If You Need To

If you are overweight, stop doing what so many other people and specifically women do – stop asking the world and men to like you for who you are on the inside and not be so superficial. It won’t happen, because being superficial is in our nature. It’s not good or bad; it just is. Stop blaming others for being shallow and not seeing what’s inside of you. This is not going to change the men’s fundamental desire and drive toward a female who is physically attractive and who is not overweight. It is easy to listen to Oprah and Tyra Banks, and it’s easy blame men for being superficial, but it’s also pointless and will not improve your dating life. On the other hand, taking the more challenging and the more constructive path toward the issue by losing weight and toning your body will make you both – more physically attractive and more confident in yourself, which in turn will translate into an overall more attractive personality to the opposite sex. A fitter woman is a happier woman and happy energy is attractive to men (as long as it doesn’t turn into arrogance, of course).

2. Stop Talking So Damn Much

Few things are a bigger turn offs to guys at the very beginning of going out and dating than a woman who talks too much. If you speak 70% or more of the time when you are out with a guy, and if you engage in a three minute monologues or longer when he asks you a simple question, then the guy will get tired of your company very quickly, regardless of how smart, beautiful and funny you are. No guy will want to be around you for long if you talk too much, because a woman who talks too much is very tiring to be around – to both, her female friends and any guy she would go out with. This shouldn’t be hard for you to imagine or understand. You can probably think of someone who you think talks too much and how annoying and tiring you find that to be. Make sure you don’t have the same effect on others. Many of us don’t even realize that we talk too much. If you have friends who are known to be brutally honest, ask them openly whether they think you tend to talk too much. You might just learn something important about your behavior.

3. Respect Your Time and His and Don’t Be a Flake

If you are interested in seeing and getting to know a guy you recently met, be courteous and responsible. Act like a “professional” woman when it comes to your and his time. Don’t flake, don’t stand him up, don’t be late when you have a date, and if you can’t make it to a previously schedule date, let him know long enough in advance, and don’t leave him hanging. If he asks you on Tuesday to go out on Friday, don’t tell him “let me get back to you on Thursday evening”.

4. Don’t Be an Ultra Feminist

Believing in equality is a wonderful thing. But do not follow the path of those women, whose life objective is to challenge men at every opportunity and to overcompensate by trying to prove that they can be everything a man can and that their penis is just as large as any guy’s. The excessive “go-getter” attitude of a woman who is relentless in business and uncompromising in personal relationships intimidates the less experienced and the less confident men, and comes across as ridiculous to men who know better. One famous Russian writer said a few centuries ago that a woman’s greatest strength is in her weakness. There is much wisdom in those words.

5. Develop and Demonstrate Wit & Sense of Humor   

Develop the ability to appreciate and “dish out” sarcasm and dark humor as this is one of the most attractive features of any person’s personality in the eyes of a successful, educated, confident guy. No guy enjoys the “Ahh, how dare you!” response to a dirty joke, as no attractive guy wants to find himself near a woman who is too uptight and narrow minded. So… develop your ability to appreciate dark humor and demonstrate that you “get it”. Sense of humor makes an average woman cute, and it also makes an attractive woman irresistible.

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