This Will Make You Come Off as a Total Bitch Every Time

(Last Updated On: 01/29/2014)

traditional woman not a bitchI haven’t been out with too many girls who I would consider were bitches, but there were a few. One example of dealing with a real bitch is particularly memorable even though it’s from more than ten years ago. I went out on a date with a tall and very attractive girl. Just a few minutes after we met, I started noticing that no matter what I suggest, she would do the opposite.  If I said “Lets go this way” she would insist on going the other way. If I asked to sit at a cafe by the window, she would say that she wants to sit on the other side of the room. When I insisted on surprising her with a drink that I thought she never tried, she refused and asked to see the menu.

At some point during the night I voiced my suspicion to her that I thought she was doing the opposite from what I asked just to show me that she could. She didn’t even deny that. She flat out told me that she wanted to make it very clear to me, like she would to any other guy, that she is very independent and no one can tell her what to do. That was the classic mindset and the behavior of someone who will necessarily come across as a bitch to most, if not all, guys.

When you do something not because you want to but just to make a point that you can, that’s not freedom. That’s lack of freedom. After all, in that case your actions are not governed by free will. On the contrary, you are reacting under the influence of someone else’s will. Doing the opposite of something that you have been asked to just to show that you can is no better than doing something that you are asked to do when you don’t want to do it. In both cases you don’t act like a free and independent person.

One fundamental sign of femininity is enjoying being lead and doing what you are asked to do, if the guy who asks you is someone you like and are attracted to. This in turn will make him feel more appreciated and more of a man. There is no shame in following the lead of a guy who is capable of leading. Don’t confuse following that kind of guy’s lead with being subservient or lacking in independence.  Any guy who has been dating for a while will confirm that the best women he has ever met were the ones who seems to naturally enjoy pleasing him without feeling ashamed of  it or in any way humiliated by it.

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