Basic Dating Advice For Rich Guys and Women of Means

ferrari flashyAsk any minimally astute, single woman what she thinks of a man who pulls up in a Ferrari, and she will very likely roll her eyes and say “he needs to get over himself”. What possible legitimate reason does he have to own that car that would be flattering to him? Unless he has a very good reason to drive that car, such as being a professional race car driver or Ferrari salesman, she would think he has no business driving that car, and the only reason he would is because he has to try so hard to impress or overcompensate for something he feels he is lacking, which is inevitably a major turn off.

The same applies to women who have money. I see women who walk around wearing over-the-top expensive, flashy clothes and accessories. Many of them literally resurface their faces with plastic surgery and who wear way too much make-up. In an attempt to look as attractive as possible, all too often they achieve the exact opposite result. This is especially true about overdoing it with plastic surgery. What good personality trait can possibly lead a woman to stretching her forehead or shaving half of her nose or covering her face with a thick layer of shiny substance? Any guy in his right mind will see through all that and will know what’s hiding behind these things – all kinds of emptiness and mental instability, or at the very least – lack of back independent thinking and determination of what’s right and what’s not so right. I think of this every time I run into a Youtube channel or Instagram page of a woman who has hundreds of not thousands of bikini shots. Unless she is a professional model, what possesses her to put herself out there in such a low status way except for some type of extreme and sadly very common degree of vanity and confusion, whether she is in fact rich or just pretends to have a lot of money.

Many men and women, who put so much effort into making themselves appear as attractive as possible in all kinds of ways, shoot themselves in the foot by going overboard and achieving the opposite results – making an impression of being either fake, or high maintenance, or insecure, or – all of the above. This is the reason that so many people of means struggle to find a partner for a lasting relationship or even any relationship, because they tend to attract the wrong type of people for the wrong reasons – to take advantage of their wealth, while scaring away all the decent people by appearing spoiled, stuck up, and unapproachable.

If you are rich and are used to showing it off but you struggle to find love, consider taking a moment and re-evaluating your image in person and online. You may be surprised how appearing a bit more low key and modest can help you get the right type of attention or way more better people, who would have otherwise be turned off by all types of displays of wealth.

You might be disagreeing with me now and saying: I don’t care about others’ feelings of inadequacy when they meet me. I worked hard for my success. I am proud of my accomplishments, and I should have no problem enjoying my money and showing off if I want to. While this attitude is understandable, it won’t change the negative impression you make on others. There are different ways to celebrate success. Consider using your imagination and you will see that flaunting doesn’t have to be one of them.

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