Three Tips For Raising Your Dating And Social Value In Women’s Eyes

social value dating valueSo many people say that quality is more important to them than quality when it comes to all kinds of things, including dating. But how many of them actually mean it? I have been noticing lately that this whole “it’s the numbers game idea” has been taken out of proportion in the context of dating and it makes guys cast their net way to wide, trying to catch anything, instead focusing on catching what and who they really want.

When it comes to meeting and dating girls, there are a few simple things you can do to significantly improve your social value, and thus – your dating value.

  • Your Facebook Page  – Does it Flatter Your Or Make You Look Lame? 

Let’s start with your online reputation –  do you have thousands of not so great pictures on your profile that make you look stupid – pictures where you are drunk, acting silly and showing off your muscles/tattoos, with tons of updates that are neither interesting or entertaining? Then perhaps it’s time to delete a lot of that stuff and replace it with something more worth reading or looking at it, or with nothing. “Nothing” can’t hurt you. Since everyone is obsessed with social media today and they will surely be looking you up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and wherever else, it’s important that your profile flatters you and doesn’t make the girl who looks at your page roll her eyes. If your Facebook is too cluttered with updates, trash them. Otherwise, you look like a 10 year-old who just discovered Facebook.

Do you have over 500 “friends”? Why? Are you a running or expanding a business mailing list? If not, ask yourself who really needs to be in there and remove the rest. And stop adding random people just for the hell of it. If you meet a girl refuse to add her on Facebook. You are not going to be spammer – one of her hundreds of friends on there. If she doesn’t give you her phone number or e-mail, then she is not interested or is not ready to be interested, so it’s time to move on.

A serious, attractive guy’s Facebook page does not look overwhelming. It looks like a serious, attractive website – it’s clean, uncluttered or even minimal. Make yours that way, and the next girl who you meet and who goes searching for you on Facebook will be impressed, rather than concerned or turned off, by what she finds there.

  • Your Online Dating Profile  – Does It Help Or Hurt You? 

What do you think your Match/Tinder profile says about you. Does it say “This is a cool / interesting guy who seems to be way more intriguing than most others. It would be interesting to meet him” or does it say “more of the same”?  Do you have 10 pictures posted? Look at each one and ask yourself whether it should really be there. One bad picture will ruin a decent profile and will make a girl move to the next page.

Your are much better off crafting five well written messages to women that show that you read their profile and you have something interesting to say about what they shared, than sending 20 generic “I like your profile,  u r sexy, let’s talk” lines.

  • Your Texting Habits  – Do They Make You Appeal More Or Less Desirable

Are you sending way too many empty, meaningless text messages to girls? Then cut it. You are better off sending 3 funny or sarcastic or interesting text messages instead of 15 that don’t say anything worth reading. Girls are already inundated with countless texts, pings and updates from friends and other guys. You want your messages to be something she is looking forward to and not an extra burden that she has to deal with. Cut the small talk entirely from your texting. No more “hey”, “how r u?”, and “how is your day going?”  If  you went out with a girl, you had a great time and you stayed up really late, your message the next afternoon, shouldn’t be “hey” or “how is it going?” but … “I wonder how much you are hating me now for making you sleep so little last night.”

Sometimes, I am asked to review a text message exchange, and it amazes me how two people could exchange 20, 30 or more text messages without saying anything worth reading or typing at all. Were they really that bored that they had nothing better to do?

I am not suggesting that you should play hard to get or not  be responsive. I do urge you to make your communication is stimulating rather than daunting.

When you declutter your social media presence, your dating profile/s and your text messaging habits, you raise your social value in women’s eyes because create a much more attractive image of yourself – a man of values quality so much more over quantity when it comes to who he is talking to and also what he says.


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  1. Indeed. This applies to just about any aspect of life.

  2. These are helpful. quality over quantity.

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