Will Tattoos Make You More Attractive To Men?

tattoos not attractiveThere are quite a few women out there who think that looking as harsh as the girl with the dragon tattoo and having tons of tattoos all over makes them look unique, cool, and especially attractive. However, to most guys, who are neither emo’s nor punk-rockers or hippies themselves, this kind of look is a major turn off and a sign that the woman is as profoundly confused and unstable on the inside as she made herself look on the outside.  Some guys are even scared by those kinds of girls, or they automatically assume that these girls are lesbians. I know that I am just one of the many guys out there who would look at a girl and think “Wow, she is so pretty. If only she just didn’t have a flower on her ankle or a snake on her shoulder or the notorious “tramp stamp”, she would look so much better.

If you are thinking of getting tattoos in order to stand out and accentuate your uniqueness, I urge you to think of other, more meaningful and better ways to stand out without putting permanent marks on your skin. In most people’s eyes (men included) tattoos, will not make you more attractive, but they can be an actual obstacle to taking you seriously.

As harsh as the video below is, it tells the truth about how most professional, “normal” guys feel about the women who have too much “body art”:

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8 years ago

Dang! I was all set to shave my head into a Mohawk, get a tongue ring, and get a bone thru my nose. I guess that's out the window now…